Cheryl Cole-Text With Ashley And A Night In LA With A Dog!

The media is full of the marital strife of celebrity Cheryl Cole and her footballer husband Ashley, who appears to have been trying to take full advantage of playing offside.

It has been reported that Cheryl, who has been in LA for the weekend, has dumped her husband by text and has been seeking comfort with an American male dancer.

The Daily Mail said today:

‘Mr Hough – a professional on Dancing With The Stars, the U.S. version of Strictly Come Dancing, stayed with Mrs Cole until 4am when he left with his dog.’

Up until then, I was bored by the whole story, but now….!!

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  • Anonymous

    "Good for her for finally waking up and doing the right thing by dumping him". ("Once a cheat, always a cheat")! No woman should be cheated on but a lot of men seem to be getting in the press doing it to their partners. Ashley obviously didn't love her nor had no respect for her to do what he did and the world has just come crashing down on his shoulders as he is about to face a hefty fine elsewhere.

  • Anonymous


    Mark Owen admits cheating on wife – Daily pop gossip
    Posted Thu 11 Mar 2010 10:36AM GMT by Dave Rumour in Snap, Crackle and Pop

    Take That star Mark Owen has admitted cheating on his wife with "maybe ten" different women.

    The singer, famous for his squeaky clean image, said that problems with alcohol were to blame for the string of affairs, one of which – with 24-year-old account manager Neva Hanley – lasted five years.

    Owen insists he's been faithful since marrying wife Emma (nee Ferguson, pictured) five months ago, but confessed to having slept with Hanley just weeks before the pair were wed.

    The other infidelities were, he says, short-term flings with Take That fans on tour.

    Owen and Emma have had two children together – Elwood, aged three, and Willow Rose, who's one.

    "I denied to her I was having an affair when things were going on," said Owen, explaining why he'd chosen to come out with the revelations now.

    "I want to do the right thing now for the kids and Emma. She is absolutely without a doubt the only person I want to be with for the rest of my life.

    "I'm so deeply sorry for the pain my actions have caused… I have been an idiot, a d***head, a k***head. All of the above and more" [The Sun].


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    Ke$ha has trained her sights on John Mayer, the ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston. The pair have been exchanging flirty messages on Twitter, with Ke$ha asking Mayer to "Just show me where your d***'s at" [Daily Star].