Is This Our New Democracy?

On the day that Parliament was re-opened by The Queen and her new coalition government took control of the UK on a promise of a more fair society and the shrinking of a controlling state, it seems somewhat ironic, that long time anti-war campaigner Brian Haw was arrested this morning by the Metropolitan Police. Mr […]

Has Clegg Entered A Bum Deal?

If politics were to be compared with a meal, we have been served more courses over the last week than we could possibly digest but somehow I am still feeling unsatisfied. When the news was announced on Tuesday evening of our new coalition government I was at first relieved but then after a short while […]

All Change On The Number Ten…!

Finally, after the usual long wait, it’s all change on the No.10 bus. Gordon Brown, the previous driver, has been forced to retire prematurely following several careless accidents. Meanwhile, David Cameron has replaced him at the wheel and is now in the driver’s seat of a slick, shiny, new hybrid vehicle comprised from the parts […]

Is Local Politics Dying A Slow Death?

With all the hype generated by the national electioneering of the past few weeks, it has been easy to forget that we are also voting to elect our local councils in today’s polling. Borrowing a theatrical analogy, local politics has become the fringe event at the national festival. But is that really right? Local issues […]