Sympathy For MPs? – Not Even Slightly!

OK..Ok it’s time to own up…aren’t you feeling just a little bit of sympathy for that dysfunctional group of society called MPs? After all, they have just returned from weeks and weeks on an expensive summer vacation (working in their constituencies, of course, and not holidaying in their second homes or travelling the world) to […]

Conservatives Try To ‘Benefit’ From Cheap Votes!

At times of financial downturn in the economy and when politicians are having to justify the bad news about raising taxes and cutting public services to refill fiscal potholes, it is always the easy option to highlight those in our country who are unable to defend themselves. I refer of course to those who are […]

It’s So ‘Transparent’ They Think We Can’t See Through It!

With what has turned out to be rather bizarre timing, the government announced on Tuesday, their plans for a broadband tax on phone lines in the UK, to guarantee all of us are able to surf the internet at the highest possible speeds. Today, the Commons authorities have published over a million documents on the […]

PM Brown Takes Low Blow From Blears!

If the wheels on Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s bus have not yet fallen off, they are certainly wobbly to the point of collapse. Following yesterday’s rumour that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is to leave his cabinet, Communities Secretary Hazel Blears, has now followed, using perfect showbiz timing (some might question what she ever did anyway). […]

MPs Expenses – One Even Suggests A Rise!

It’s five days since I last posted on here and despite North Korea setting off underground nuclear explosions, petrol prices rising again, paedophiles in Portugal and Peter and Katie still being apart, one story is still managing to cling onto the headlines after a staggering twenty plus days – MPs expenses! Even the media’s hysteria […]

You’re All Just Jealous!

If you’re looking for an example of just how contemptuous some MPs still are after being caught milking the expenses system, you do not have to look further than Conservative MP, Anthony Steen. He was revealed in the recent Telegraph revelations for letting his daughter live rent free in the London flat used to claim […]