Politicians, Tax and the Moral Argument

According to Treasury Secretary, Danny Alexander, those who use tax avoidance measures to reduce their tax liabilities are the “moral equivalent of benefit cheats” He was speaking publicly after it was reported that comedian Jimmy Carr is saving himself masses of cash by using a tax avoidance scheme called K2. It works by transferring income […]

MPs Just Clowning Around!

I was playing around with an idea of comparing the antics of parliament with a circus, when I came upon a website called clown-names.com I just couldn’t resist the temptation to feed the following names into the clown name generator to see who their clown alter egos would be: David Cameron = Baron Noogstein Nick […]

Dreaming Of A Tough Life In California While Facing The Reality That Is The UK!

Spare a thought for those living in the US state of California who are complaining that a gallon of fuel for their vehicles has risen to the ridiculous price of three dollars (£1.79 in our currency). While I was shelling out my £1.22 per litre (£5.44 per gallon) in my local Asda this morning, I […]

How To Demonstrate EU Style!

With a high probability we will be seeing mass demonstrations against the cuts announced in our coalition government’s spending review, I thought it would be interesting to compare our technique with our European neighbours: How we demonstrate here in the UK How they demonstrate in France How they show their displeasure in Germany All things […]

Leading Labour Into The ‘Brotherhood’

Tomorrow, we will finally learn who is to be the new leader of the Labour Party. One things seems certain: whoever it is will have the surname Miliband. Yes folks, Labour’s Miliband family roadshow has finally parked up, after a leadership campaign lasting longer than the average series of the X Factor. Unlike in that […]