Michael Jackson – Controversial To The End!

The King is dead – well the much celebrated ‘King of Pop’ anyway!

In the unlikely event you have been hidden away in a cave and not heard the news, singer, dancer and musician, Michael Jackson, passed away during Thursday evening (UK time) from what is said to have been a heart attack.

The media, of course, are questioning if this was brought on by the excessive use of painkillers and whether one such drug was administered by his ‘personal physician’ a short while before his death.

Whatever the outcome, MJ ended his life as he had lived through most of it – in chaos.

He is a spectacular advert for not pushing your children into the world of showbusiness at an early age. His life seemed to be, at best, unrelated to reality, and at worst seedy and questionable. Both his unhealthy fascination with young people and his obsession with changing his appearance through the use of the surgeon’s knife clearly demonstrated a mind that was not at ease within it’s own framework.

Commentators are saying we will all remember where we were when MJ died. Personally, I will not.

He was unquestionably a great entertainer and had a knack of grabbing the headlines whenever he wanted. That is as far as it goes for me – but then I do not share the fascination for celebrity misfits that many people do.

It could be argued he was seen as a role model by many of his fans but surely a lifestyle like his is not something to be envied or aspire to?

It seems that Jackson has departed this earth as he lived his life – in a huge mess that others are going to spend years cleaning up.

R.I.P. MJ!

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  • Anonymous

    It is sad to hear about any soul that has passed away.
    Each person that lived and died was a life.
    I do find it really annoying when people make such a BIG fuss over celebrities that have passed on.
    Had Michael Jackson lived next door to the many that go ott but he was not famous, looked exactly the same, did all them same bad things that got him into the press over children etc and he passed away would they care or make such a huge drama over it?
    Erm… I think not!
    It does not matter how bad a celebrity can behave or how bad a situation is they got themself into, people do not care about that.
    But going back to the person being a neighbour and wothout fame he would be hated for the things he did outside his singing carrer and definitely not popular!
    Many see a celebrity as a big thing to their lives, but you have to live in the real world.
    It was sad news but let him rest!
    Life does not stop because of a tragedy! We all have to go that is without a doubt.
    Many cheat their way through life but death is something none of us can avoid or get away from.
    I hope I have not caused any offence from replying to this post!