My Election Letterboxomiter No 2


Forget the fancy graphs, forget the animating graphics, the only true way of judging what is happening in this election, is to monitor what falls through your letterbox.

This latest update to My Letterboxomiter, reveals all the clutter to fall onto my doormat in the last week has been from one party: The Conservatives.

In the last seven days, I have had:

Conservatives – 2 leaflet drops and one personalised letter

Labour – Absolutely nothing since the first week

Lid Dems – Absolutely nothing at all despite the local candidate promising information would arrive in the middle of last week.

Others – nothing at all (unless they are now selling pizzas that is!)

This result just goes to show the Conservatives are taking things very seriously; The Lib Dems have no organisational ability at all and are therefore not ready to be in government and Labour have either given up or have gone for a long sleep!

As for everyone’s use of 21st Century technology…..don’t even go there!

One word sums it up – Pathetic!

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  • Keith Nevols

    You should have received the Liberal Democrat freepost a couple of days ago. It went out later than I would have liked but this is because it is cheaper to deliver in bulk across the south east and other local parties were not yet ready.

    On electronic media I am trying to find the time to keep Facebook and the blog updated but have recruited a new colleague more savvy than I so we should improve on that.

    As for other leaflets, please bear in mind they require money to print and people to deliver and we are very short of both. But we have other leaflets going out. I have been very busy delivering what I can.

    Contrary to what you say, we are very well organised with what we have.

    The Conservatives of course have immense resources so if you are looking to vote for the richest party then I'm afraid you will have to look in that direction.

    But if you look at the issues and what we are saying, in my view, we have the best arguments and that we are indeed ready for government.

  • Westerly21

    Hi Keith
    Firstly let me state straight away that I have not been aiming my rambling prose at you but at the general missed opportunity by all the parties of utilising the benefits of new technology and social media.
    It is not a case of an individual party having greater finances or resources but the lack of understanding by all of using social media.
    Most think it is enough just to have a Facebook or Twitter account without realising they have to become part of an overall information strategy. All the accounts can be linked and feed off each other with very little work but ultimately be of immense use in gaining followers to a campaign.
    As you know, I have been very frustrated in finding information about the various local candidates in this election campaign.
    As an example, I read your blog post last week about the two debates you were attending and wanted to find out more info to be able to attend myself. I emailed your local party office last Monday for information and never received a reply. This was another lost opportunity.
    Many people do not attend the high street campaign points anymore, or get the local newspapers. We are becoming a society where we need to be able to have access to the information we require online and politics needs to catch up quickly or lose its potential.
    I wish you well this Thursday in what could be a very good result for your party. I just hope you are able to capitalise on what should be your best opportunity for decades. Embracing new technology will be an essential part of the future!