Politically Correct ‘Block’ Heads Remove Black As A Colour!

This should not take long to write….

The politically correct management of the Citizens’ Advice Bureau has decreed that spam emails should not be placed on a ‘blacklist’ but instead be placed on a ‘blocklist’.

Can you spot the subtle difference? Clever isn’t it?

A spokesperson said:

Our approach to language is not prescriptive or dogmatic, but where we know or become aware something is offensive, fosters stereotypes or prejudice, or is inaccurate, it makes sense and is respectful to use alternatives”

We are not even talking about people here!

How is it that our fellow citizens who happen to be born ‘black’ are quite happy and proud to call themselves ‘black’ while a minority of white people have to work so hard to convince us all they are ‘right-on’ and colour blind?

There would not be any perception of racial divide in this country if idiots like those who made the decision at the CAB, did not keep trying to alter our language and pretend the difference in our colour was non-existent.

If you happen to be black and disagree please let me know!!

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  • Anonymous

    I think the behaviour towards the word black is becoming outrageous!
    When someone refers to us as white people ie, white man, white woman, white girl, white boy, we do not make a fuss and take it as a racial issue and there are certain terms of using the word, or any word for that matter.
    What was commonly known as the black board at school is now the white board.
    Ba Ba Black Sheep is now
    Ba Ba Rainbow Sheep!
    It depends how you use the word and should only be actioned when taken out of the wrong content!
    If someone is using the word black directed at a black person along with nasty words,
    then yes it would become a racial issue and that individual in particular should be delt with accordingly.
    The word black should not be abolished or seen as naughty or a forbidden word.
    I personaly think this has got right out of hand and gone too many steps to far and we are living in a society where we all have to be careful what we say to each other or describe the word black,
    sometimes it has made me feel guilty for saying black pen even though I am not being racist to anyone I feel convicted for saying it.
    What will they do next say you are taking the p out of someone because you have described someones accent as
    African, Jamaican, Greek, Irish, french, german, Sweedish etc, etc?