Is Our Value Of Life Going To The Dogs?

The news about the horrific deaths of two police dogs, as a result of being locked all day in a police officer’s car, was tragic to say the least. Despite colleagues of the officer breaking the car’s windows to save the animals (they had been suffering all day in high temperatures) animal welfare staff at […]

The Power Of Modern Dissent!

Yesterday’s paper had a good quote from Alastair Campbell which highlights the power of global communication in today’s world and its effect on the way governments and regimes control dissent: “There are governments and leaders who continue to believe that they can shut down networks and keep dissent in its box. They can shut down […]

Calls To Dry Up The Wikileaks!

If you put water into a leaky bucket, you get wet. Similarly, if you do not secure confidential transmissions between diplomats around the world you get leaks. That one basic fact is what the USA is finding out today as a staggering 251,000 of its confidential memos have been published on the whistleblower website Wikileaks […]

Forecast Of Failure In A Big Society

In her article for the Daily Telegraph “We should be bashing bankers not the young, poor and disabled” Mary Riddell wrote: “Yesterday the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report How Fair Is Britain? showed a widening wealth gap, with the top 10 per cent of households worth an average £853,000 – 100 times higher than […]

The Benefits Of A Fairly Unfair System!

I doubt there is anyone who can dispute we are in a financial mess and something needs to be done to control the enormous interest payments we are making to foreign institutions and governments for our borrowing. The most obvious and headline grabbing saving, is to reform the vastly complicated and financially draining benefits and […]

The BBC And Its License For Abuse!

I am almost starting to feel sorry for the MPs who were exposed for making excessive use of their expenses. They have been vilified by the media (quite rightly) and the BBC have been particularly diligent in scrutinising and exposing every claim made. Today, though, it appears to be a case of ‘pots and kettles’. […]

TV Or Not TV That Is The Question – In This Election At Least!

Today, we are all invited to take part in a bit of history making, for it is the day that the leaders of the three biggest political parties engage in a live televised election debate – a first for this country. Of course, it is not going to be a real ‘debate’ as the ground […]

Liberal Democrats – The ‘Lifeboat’ In A Sea Of Falsehood?

Monday was the turn of Labour, yesterday was the Conservatives and today the focus was on what the Liberal Democrats would do for the country should they gain control of Parliament after the election. Leader Nick Clegg described his manifesto as: “… hope married to credibility, it is optimism in touch with reality.” and you […]