A Long Time Resting…..

It’s been almost two months since I’ve posted on here and I am ashamed of myself; I needed a break. I’ve also been testing new technologies to make my writing life easier but somehow I never got re-started. A lot has happened in the world in the time I have been away and if I […]

Asda First To Help Us ‘Cash Cows’

(graphic from PetrolPrices.com website) Once again supermarket giant Asda is leading the way in passing on lower fuel costs to its customers. As the above graphic demonstrates, it is even more admirable when you see the small percentage that a retailer actually makes from a litre of fuel. Their own profit has to come mainly […]

Eruption And Disruption – It’s ‘Plane’ Crazy!

So who really is running the asylum? Six days after our planes were grounded, airports are still closed and an estimated 150,000 UK travellers are stranded abroad, unable to get home. The cause, as we all know by now, is an erupting volcano in Iceland. I am finding it really hard to comprehend that such […]

Climate For A Change…Of Message!

The UK’s Climate Change Secretary, Ed Miliband, has stated it would be “profoundly irresponsible” to use one “mistake” as an excuse not to act. He was referring to the fact that the Himalayan Glaciers have not seemed to melt in quite the ‘doom and gloom’ manner predicted by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate […]

Whale….We Certainly Got You This Time!

The Japanese certainly have a delicate way of dealing with anti-whaling protesters. This video was shot by whaling researchers from the Institute of Cetacean Research. Fortunately, the crew of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s high-tech speedboat, managed to escape any harm, other than that to both their pride and vessel….

The Seal Club!

This week saw the start of Canada’s annual commercial seal hunt. It is a disgusting spectacle where up to 280,000 young harp seals are killed for their fur, meat and oil, which is sought for being rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. While the majority of the innocent young are shot, there are still a […]