G4S, May & Hunt Compete In ‘Pass The Blame’ Olympics

Olympic Stadium

Few can deny that the failure of G4S to find and train enough applicants for the marshaling and security of the Olympic venues is incompetent. However, it appears Home Secretary Theresa May and Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt are a part of the few. While it is possible to forgive their need to talk up the […]

Another Massacre In Syria; Another ‘Discussion’ At The UN

Far from being subdued by the world’s condemnation of last week’s atrocity in Syria, the forces and militiamen loyal to President Assad have carried out another massacre in his name. Reports have been surfacing of an overnight attack on a village close to the town of Hama in which another 70 to 100 Syrian women […]

Time For The UN To Remember Its Purpose In Syria

The appalling deaths of innocent children, and other civilians, in Syria last weekend has highlighted just how dis-united the United Nations has become. In a conflict that has been permitted to rumble along for the past year, whilst governments across the globe have been critical in public but apathetic in private, it should have been […]

Has Israel Finally Shot Itself In The Foot?

“This was not a love boat, this was a boat of hate,” is Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s rather feeble effort at an excuse for his military action against the Gaza aid flotilla, in which nine ‘activists’ were killed by Israeli troops. It is an excuse that is starting to wear rather thin, after being […]

Cutting Through UK Nuclear Deterrent With A Knife!

One of the headline grabbing arguments between the leaders of the three main political parties in this election has been the subject of our nuclear deterrent. While the Liberal Democrats have been very vocal in saying it should be scrapped, both Labour and the Conservatives accuse Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader, of being naive. […]

Eruption And Disruption – It’s ‘Plane’ Crazy!

So who really is running the asylum? Six days after our planes were grounded, airports are still closed and an estimated 150,000 UK travellers are stranded abroad, unable to get home. The cause, as we all know by now, is an erupting volcano in Iceland. I am finding it really hard to comprehend that such […]

Grounded Flights – Volcano or Conspiracy?

It seems unbelievable that almost every flight in and out of the UK has been grounded since midday yesterday. According to the air traffic control body, Nats, flights will not be able to resume until at least 1300hrs tomorrow. Apparently, the groundings are because of the danger of engine failure in the event planes fly […]

The Cost Of Balancing Art And Earthquakes!

The above life-size bronze sculpture, by Swiss Artist Alberto Giacometti, was sold at auction in London, yesterday, for the record sum of £65m after just eight minutes of bidding. The UK appeal for the disaster victims of the earthquake in Haiti has raised £70m and taken almost three weeks. Somehow, comparing those two facts makes […]