Online Porn, Politicians And Puzzling Petitions

Even on a normal day, I must admit to finding life very puzzling. The people who make up the human race I find to be even more puzzling than the puzzling life in which we all live. For instance, I am puzzled why over 100,000 puzzling people signed a petition, handed in to Downing Street […]

Calls To Dry Up The Wikileaks!

If you put water into a leaky bucket, you get wet. Similarly, if you do not secure confidential transmissions between diplomats around the world you get leaks. That one basic fact is what the USA is finding out today as a staggering 251,000 of its confidential memos have been published on the whistleblower website Wikileaks […]

Why Are Political Candidates So Crap With Social Media?

There seems a certain irony when our politicians have been pushing for a faster internet and Gordon Brown is claiming “in five years time we can be the digital leader of the world” that very few of them seem to know how to make use of it. This election is the first when all the […]