No Room At The Inn For Gays – But Jesus Is OK!

While the political rumblings might not be as severe as the 7.2 on the Richter scale being experienced by those in Mexico, Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling, must have felt more than a little quake in the pit of his stomach following publication of comments he made in private to the Centre For Policy Studies, […]

The Cost Of Balancing Art And Earthquakes!

The above life-size bronze sculpture, by Swiss Artist Alberto Giacometti, was sold at auction in London, yesterday, for the record sum of £65m after just eight minutes of bidding. The UK appeal for the disaster victims of the earthquake in Haiti has raised £70m and taken almost three weeks. Somehow, comparing those two facts makes […]

Planet Earth to Collide with either Mars or Venus!

We’re all doomed! Computer simulations have predicted that our planet Earth might collide with either Mars or Venus– but not for at least another billion years! By that time, we will probably already have destroyed ourselves by one of a multitude of perils like Swine Flu, nuclear stupidity, global warming, another crap government or boredom […]

The Italian Quake.

The earthquake around the Italian city of L’Aquila has killed over 150 people and made tens of thousands homeless. It is one of those natural disasters that no-one ever believes will happen to them. One minute life is normal and peaceful and the next there is little left. A claim has been made that an […]