Our NHS Needs Intensive care

NHS Thoughts Allowed

It isn’t often I get angry watching a programme on TV but last night was one of those occasions. BBC2’s new documentary series ‘Hospital’ following a week in the life of St Mary’s Hospital in London, was both riveting and deeply distressing. It was even more distressing after hearing prime minister Theresa May’s earlier criticism […]

‘Proper Chips’ Win The Gold Medal From McD’s

Proper Chips

The Olympics is coming; it’s only two weeks away! Whilst negative stories start to appear in the media about the potential for terrorist attacks, lack of security and the like, it seems to me, the greatest act of terrorism has already been committed! I always thought the only reason for a host country to put […]

Conservative’s David Cameron – Suicide or Murder?

Results from several studies of the sleeping habits of over 1.5m people, released by Sleep journal, show that those getting less than six hours sleep a night are at serious risk of a premature death. David Cameron is said to have been campaigning through the night in an attempt to claim every available floating voter […]