‘Terrorism’ ‘Liberty’ And The ‘Fear of Fear!’

Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights, comprised of peers and MPs from all parties, has reached a conclusion that many of us formed a long time ago – the government’s response to the threat of terrorism in the UK far exceeds the probability of an incident. The committee has questioned whether ministers could legitimately argue, […]

Gordon Brown, Iraq And The Ominous ‘World Order’

PM Gordon Brown’s appearance, today, in front of the Iraq Inquiry into the war was, as expected, forceful and confident. He told the panel the war had been “right” He said he had been convinced by his own intelligence briefings that Iraq “had to be dealt with” as it had become a threat. He thought […]

Three Cheers For ‘Brown The Bully’

Shock Horror! It is being implied that our prime minister, Gordon Brown, is a bully and has been intimidating his staff by his rants and physical abuse. An anti-bullying charity has stated it has received calls from No.10 personnel seeking comfort and advice about the upset they are suffering while at work. Predictably, No 10 […]

Dial ‘M’ For Mossad, Murder And Miliband

The killing of a Hamas commander in a Dubai hotel last month, is starting to cause an international outcry – officially at least. Mahmoud al-Mabhouh is thought to have been in Dubai negotiating a deal for armaments, when his life was ended by what is believed to have been members of an Israeli secret service […]

Profiteering And A Complete Bunch Of ‘Bankers’

Barclays Bank has just announced profits of £11.6bn. This is an increase of 92% on the previous year. Other banks are expected to announce similar news in the near future. Barclays’ management is intending to share out a bonus pool of around £1.5bn amongst some of its staff. Meanwhile, interest on credit cards is running […]

Katie Price Wedding Draws ‘Gasp’ Of Boredom!

According to the website of ITN, the latest wedding of Katie Price (aka Jordan) which took place in Las Vegas yesterday “drew gasps throughout the nation“. Really? The only thing close to a gasp that I could hear, was a collective yawn of boredom and the odd wheeze from an asthmatic. Somehow, I doubt there […]

Richard Madeley On Saddam And Blair!

If I was Tony Blair I would be seriously worried tonight. TV presenter, Richard Madeley, who is the ‘Dick’ of the legendary TV partnership of Richard and Judy has felt the need to make a short film for BBC’s Daily Politics show in defence of our previous prime minister. I am not sure which shocks […]

Should John Terry Remain England Captain? – Hell No!

Predictably, the papers are full of the alleged marital indiscretion of England and Chelsea captain John Terry and questioning whether he should be allowed to continue as captain of the England squad at this year’s World Cup Finals. For me, the answer is very simple…No! I say this not because of what he has done […]

Climate For A Change…Of Message!

The UK’s Climate Change Secretary, Ed Miliband, has stated it would be “profoundly irresponsible” to use one “mistake” as an excuse not to act. He was referring to the fact that the Himalayan Glaciers have not seemed to melt in quite the ‘doom and gloom’ manner predicted by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate […]

Blair And Iraq – All In One Picture!

Having spent today following the reports of Tony Blair’s historic grilling, yesterday, at the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq War, I was really not sure what impression I was left with. Then, I saw the above picture in The London Daily News and it seemed to sum it all up perfectly!!