Footballer John Terry Not Guilty Of Racial Abuse

Footballer John Terry has been declared Not Guilty following one of the most stupid court cases of recent years. He had been charged with racial abuse, following an altercation with fellow player, Anton Ferdinand, during a match last October. Terry claimed he was provoked into responding to a comment, made by Ferdinand, about his past […]

Wootton Bassett Does Not Need Islam 4 UK

The previously little known web-based extremist group, Islam4UK, has managed to grab attention in the media by creating an outcry over its plans to hold a demonstration in the Wiltshire town of Wootton Bassett – the town whose people have lined the streets to honour the passing coffins of our military personnel returned from Afghanistan. […]

Life On Planet Concussion!

It has been a while since I last posted on here, following my spectacular dive down the stairs and my teeth numbing stop, using my head as a brake, against a doorframe. Since my unplanned flight, I have been living on Planet Concussion. It is a strange world I entered after needing the rather confusing […]

BBC Bans The Word ‘Butcher’

I am irritated! Tonight, while travelling home from work, I was listening to the excellent Eddie Nestor who hosts the drivetime programme on BBC London 94.9FM. Eddie is one of the few broadcasters who has the rare gift of being able to discuss any subject, however sensitive, in a fair and amiable way, while still […]

BBC – Face To Race!

Today’s big ‘storm in a media teacup’ is whether the BBC should invite a spokesperson for the British National Party (BNP) to sit on the panel of the political discussion programme Question Time. Of course they should. It is a no brainer! The BNP are mainly known for appearing to be a party with extreme […]

Enoch Powell Was Not A Racist……He Was A Prophet !

A Tory Member of the European Parliament, Daniel Hannan, has got himself into hot water with his peers – yet again. Two weeks ago he was severely criticised for describing the NHS as a “60 year mistake” – his Party Leader David Cameron publicly denounced his views as “eccentric”. Hannan’s latest ‘crime’ is to tell […]

Politically Correct ‘Block’ Heads Remove Black As A Colour!

This should not take long to write…. The politically correct management of the Citizens’ Advice Bureau has decreed that spam emails should not be placed on a ‘blacklist’ but instead be placed on a ‘blocklist’. Can you spot the subtle difference? Clever isn’t it? A spokesperson said: Our approach to language is not prescriptive or […]