BBC Bans The Word ‘Butcher’

I am irritated! Tonight, while travelling home from work, I was listening to the excellent Eddie Nestor who hosts the drivetime programme on BBC London 94.9FM. Eddie is one of the few broadcasters who has the rare gift of being able to discuss any subject, however sensitive, in a fair and amiable way, while still […]

Calling Time On Alcohol? – Mine’s A Large One!

We have a habit in the UK of punishing the majority for the sins of the minority. The latest attempt to deprive us of choice comes from the British Medical Association (BMA) who are campaigning for a complete ban on all alcohol related advertising and to bring an end to the supermarket special offers and […]

Parliamentary P***Heads!

Foreign Office Minister, Gilliam Merron, has been forced to reveal that the government holds a staggering 39,500 bottles of wine, spirits and liqueurs worth around £792,000 in the parliamentary cellars. Maybe, it was because they needed the additional storage space, that they sold all of our gold reserve at bottom of market prices and why […]