Terrorism Is Wrong – But So Are Our Politicians…

Saturday night’s indiscriminate terrorist attack in the area of one of London’s most famous bridges has rightly shocked us all. The realisation that any of us could be mowed down by a passing van or be stabbed while enjoying a drink or a meal with friends or loved ones, is truly terrifying. But, of course, […]

Another Massacre In Syria; Another ‘Discussion’ At The UN

Far from being subdued by the world’s condemnation of last week’s atrocity in Syria, the forces and militiamen loyal to President Assad have carried out another massacre in his name. Reports have been surfacing of an overnight attack on a village close to the town of Hama in which another 70 to 100 Syrian women […]

Time For The UN To Remember Its Purpose In Syria

The appalling deaths of innocent children, and other civilians, in Syria last weekend has highlighted just how dis-united the United Nations has become. In a conflict that has been permitted to rumble along for the past year, whilst governments across the globe have been critical in public but apathetic in private, it should have been […]

Forget April – Are We Just Fools?

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day when traditionally the papers publish a fake story to tease the reader over something that isn’t real. Having scoured the online editions, I thought I had found the BBC’s attempt when I read that our coalition government, who spend so much time spouting on about ‘The Big Society’ are planning […]

Wikileaks Three Weeks On!

With the release of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, on conditional bail, the saga continues. It is as confusing a situation now, as it was three weeks ago, when the news first broke of Sweden’s desire to have him returned to that country, to answer questions about his alleged sexual misdemeanors from last August. Of course, […]

Has Israel Finally Shot Itself In The Foot?

“This was not a love boat, this was a boat of hate,” is Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s rather feeble effort at an excuse for his military action against the Gaza aid flotilla, in which nine ‘activists’ were killed by Israeli troops. It is an excuse that is starting to wear rather thin, after being […]

The Hacker Who Broke Into US Never-Never Land!

“Cyberspace doesn’t exist any more than never-never land. I was no more in America than anyone who is on a long-distance telephone call. The fiction of cyberspace should be properly tested in a British court because it is no more real than Santa Claus. They cannot “return” me to a country I wasn’t in, yet […]