2020 (1)

  • 24/03 - Covid-19 The Virus We Never Saw Coming
    Three years on from my last post and I feel the need to be back. Why? It’s because the world is facing its biggest crisis in several generations. Whatever the end result, it is likely to affect the way we think of our own longevity and our attitudes to others in the future. Since I […]

2017 (7)

  • 20/09 - Trump Tries Terror
    During his spine chillingly terrifying speech to the United Nations yesterday, Donald Trump, the US president, openly demonstrated he is becoming the biggest threat to world peace since Adolph Hitler – and with a haircut almost as ridiculous. He has revealed himself to be not a leader of the free world but its biggest liability. […]
  • 06/06 - Terrorism Is Wrong – But So Are Our Politicians…
    Saturday night’s indiscriminate terrorist attack in the area of one of London’s most famous bridges has rightly shocked us all. The realisation that any of us could be mowed down by a passing van or be stabbed while enjoying a drink or a meal with friends or loved ones, is truly terrifying. But, of course, […]
  • 03/06 - Election – It’s Not Over Till It’s Over
    With our UK election less than a week away, I’m still undecided as to whose name on the ballot paper I should gift my cross. This election campaign has been the most irritating of almost any I have known during my lifetime. It was brought about by the arrogance of a prime minister who thought […]
  • 29/03 - Brexit – The Road To Hell
    Imagine a packed coach hurtling along a motorway. The driver is reluctantly wearing a blindfold and her hands are removed from the steering wheel. Fifty-two percent of the passengers are screaming at her to go faster and forty-eight percent are begging her to slow down and proceed with caution. “Why is she doing this” they […]
  • 07/02 - I’m Troubled By Trump
    Over the last few months I have tried my best to resist the temptation to give Donald Trump page space. I’ve effectively been in denial. Somehow, I couldn’t make myself believe that a great nation like the United States would do anything other than pay lip service to a presidential candidate whose aggressive manner and […]
  • 18/01 - Is GPs Blood Pressure On The Rise?
    If Theresa May’s government gets it’s way, the health and welfare of many of our GPs is about to deteriorate. Last weekend the prime minister announced that all GP surgeries should be open seven days a week between 8am and 8pm. If they fail to comply, she is threatening a reduction to their funding. What […]
  • 12/01 - Our NHS Needs Intensive care
    It isn’t often I get angry watching a programme on TV but last night was one of those occasions. BBC2’s new documentary series ‘Hospital’ following a week in the life of St Mary’s Hospital in London, was both riveting and deeply distressing. It was even more distressing after hearing prime minister Theresa May’s earlier criticism […]

2016 (5)

  • 05/09 - Is It Exit For Brexit?
    Almost three months have passed since the shock result of the Brexit referendum. Since that day in June, David Cameron has left office and his highly regarded Home Secretary, Theresa May, has moved into Number 10 – becoming only the second woman Prime Minister to lead a UK government. One of her first jobs was […]
  • 08/07 - Blair Wars – It’s A Messy Business
    War is a messy business: it rarely has winners. To lead a country to war is an action that should only be taken when there is genuine fear of being attacked. It should, therefore, be a defensive action – to do otherwise is nothing but aggression. At its most basic, this was the simple premise […]
  • 01/07 - I’d Like To Say I Know – Brexit
    I’d like to say I know what’s going on in the country, but I don’t. I’d like to say I feel secure, but I don’t. I’d like to say I’m feeling positive but I’m not! The remarkable events of the last week have turned everything topsy turvy and the lunatics appear to be running amok […]
  • 22/06 - Is It Time To Be Counted?
    In a little over twelve hours, polling stations will open across the UK. Within their walls we will cast our votes to either open, or close, the doors on Britain’s relationship with mainland Europe. However, the quality of the arguments presented by Leave and Remain campaigners has changed little since the campaigning started. Last night’s […]
  • 25/05 - Europe – Making Your Mind Up!
    I haven’t written anything for over a year. Don’t ask me why, as I love writing and emptying my head to the world. My last post was all about the lead up to the General Election of May 2015. It turned into an event resembling a circus and was fought using blame, fear, accusations and […]

2015 (1)

  • 07/05 - Election – Is It Just A Gameshow Called ‘Democracy’?
    Just in case you’ve been away for the last couple of months and have returned to find an atmosphere of apathy sweeping our nation, I can reveal that today is the day of our much hyped General Election. By placing a small ‘x’ next to the name of someone you have probably never met – […]

2014 (1)

  • 07/09 - Are Our MPs Really Paid A Pittance?
    “We want to have good people doing the job and they need to be paid fairly. Now, that’s not paid in excess but it’s not being paid a miserly amount either.” – Marcial Boo, chief executive of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) trying his best to justify increasing the salary of an MP from […]

2013 (17)

  • 22/05 - The Way The Global Tax Regime Works
    Google boss Eric Schmidt defended the way his company and others have paid so little tax on such very substantial profits by stating: All of us are operating in a very, very longstanding tax regime which was set up for various reasons that don’t necessarily make sense to me or anyone else. But they are […]
  • 08/04 - Margaret Thatcher Dies
    Ex- Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died today aged 87. Like her, or loathe her, her legacy lives on: ” I love argument. I love debate. I don’t expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me – that’s not their job” – Margaret Thatcher speaking in 1980
  • 12/03 - Chris Huhne Speeding To A Prison Cell
    Yesterday, ex-senior politician Chris Huhne and his charmingly vengeful ex-wife, Vicky Pryce, were finally sentenced to a term in prison; it seems very unlikely they will be sharing a cell. What started off as a simple motoring offence, ten years ago, led to public humiliation, the further break up of a family, and a cost […]
  • 18/02 - Obesity, Cheap Food And Lack Of Responsibility
    You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to know that if you buy cheap food it’s unlikely to have much nutritional value and could lead to obesity. Combined with a lack of exercise, some degree of obesity is almost guaranteed Apparently, though, obesity is not our fault. Over the last decade we have become […]
  • 15/02 - Beckham’s Bulge, Breasts on Page 3 and Restraint In The Media
    In his article Freedom Doesn’t Mean Let It All Hang Out columnist, Simon Jenkins, argues for more restraint from the media and advertisers. The full article can be read by clicking here:
  • 11/02 - Pope’s Resignation – Was This A Freudian Slip?
    Today the Pope announced to the world he was to resign his position. The Irish internet news publisher The seems to have suffered a bit of a mistype when reporting the Pope’s resignation statement. It was an error that was quickly rectified – after it had already made headlines of its own on Twitter! […]
  • 05/02 - Chris Huhne – A Fool And A Liar
    ‘Liar Liar your bum’s on fire’ might hopefully pass through the mind of disgraced politician Chris Huhne when he is finally introduced to his new cellmate. After all, the judge at yesterday’s trial made it very clear that Huhne is looking at serving time, after he finally pleaded guilty to the serious charge of perverting […]
  • 05/02 - Gay Marriage And Manifestos
    Today sees the supposedly devisive debate on allowing gay marriage in the UK. It has been compared to Leo Abse’s 1966 landmark Sexual Offences Bill. During the presentation of the Bill to MPs in the Commons, Sir Cyril Osborne, who was regarded as its main opponent argued: I claim that the sponsors of the bill […]
  • 04/02 - Nick Robinson Headline
    I am not sure much thought can have been given to this Nick Robinson headline on the BBC News website – but it made me laugh!
  • 01/02 - Burger Me…It’s A Horse!
    There can’t be many people who turn their nose up at the offer of a nice juicy burger. For some families they are a part of their regular diet. Even at last years’s Olympic Games – that temple of human perfection – one of the main sponsors was Mc D’s who, despite all the talk […]
  • 30/01 - Comment on Announcement Of HS2
    Matthew Sinclair, director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, comments on the government announcement of the proposed HS2 high speed rail link to the north: “It is extremely disappointing that the Government is pressing ahead with plans for a new high speed rail line that will cost taxpayers a fortune. The economic case for the new line […]
  • 28/01 - Topless In Davos
    It seems ironic that women who want to protest about male domination in big business feel they have to go topless, paint their breasts with slogans and set off pink flares. However, the members of Ukrainian women’s rights group Femen felt that was exactly the right thing to do at the recent World Economic Forum […]
  • 28/01 - Wise Words From Elie Weisel
    “In the words of the Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, as quoted in the booklet ‘Holocaust Memorial Day – Learning Lessons from the past to create a safer, better future’: “I swore never to be silent whenever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence […]
  • 23/01 - Why I’m Not Mad About Harry
    Prince Harry is back home. That’s the news that has been dominating the headlines for the last couple of days. Both the BBC and ITV are planning to show programmes of his life while serving as ‘Captain Wales’ in Afghanistan for the past few months. Of course, as we all now know, Harry is a […]
  • 23/01 - PM David Cameron on Europe
    Excerpt from his speech on Britain’s future within Europe
  • 21/01 - Michael Winner Quote
  • 16/01 - Was Jimmy Savile A Groomer Or A Shepherd?
    He had ‘groomed a nation’ were the well drafted words – deliberately aimed to make headlines – at last week’s release of the report into Jimmy Savile’s alleged reign, as a predatory paedophile. The findings, prepared jointly by police officers from Operation Yewtree, and the NSPCC, claimed Savile had been sexually abusing vulnerable teenagers and […]

2012 (41)

  • 31/12 - Just A New Year Thought
    With the arrival of another New Year it’s that time when we often take stock of our lives and of the state of the world around us. While watching an old Queen concert the other evening, on BBC, it struck me that the words of their song Is This The World We Created? are still […]
  • 19/12 - Is Mitchell The Real Pleb?
    Just when you thought it was safe to ride your bike quietly through the gates of Downing Street he’s back! Yes, Andrew Mitchell former Government Chief Whip has re-surfaced through the smoke created by his unplanned departure from office. He, and his buddies in the Conservatives are relying on CCTV footage, supplied by 10 Downing […]
  • 10/12 - Kate Pukes, Oz DJs Gag And The Media Is Sickened
    When I heard the news that the Duchess of Cambridge (or should I call her Kate? – she is, after all, just one of ‘us’) is pregnant, I thought ‘that’s nice’. When it was announced she had been admitted to a private London hospital suffering from a nasty form of morning sickness, I thought ’poor […]
  • 04/12 - Moral Multi-Nationals, Politicians and Tax
    When politicians use the word ‘moral’, the hairs on the back of my neck start tingling and I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. And so it was when Margaret Hodge MP told executives from Starbucks, Amazon and Google: There is a growing anger among ordinary people who pay their taxes […]
  • 03/12 - Leveson Law Lacks Logic
    The Leveson inquiry into press standards was long, laboured and often laborious. Many gave their evidence but the most revealing were those from the world of celebrity. Several had built their careers on publicity granted by the press, but didn’t like the attention shown towards them once they had become famous – or in some […]
  • 26/11 - When a Good Idea Takes Its Toll
    The trouble with having a good idea is that sometimes you don’t discover the consequences of its ‘goodness’ until much later on. A prime example of the above is giving the drivers of lower emission cars the benefit of paying either little, or no, road tax as an incentive for running a more environmentally friendly […]
  • 12/11 - BBC Newsnight Saga Takes Another Turn
    The BBC Newsnight saga has taken another new and uncharted turn this weekend with the resignation of George Entwistle, its director general, and the ‘stepping aside’ of director of news, Helen Boaden, and her deputy, Stephen Mitchell. This has hugely pleased certain tabloid editors and executives in the Murdoch publishing empire. It has, also, bought […]
  • 08/11 - Politics And Politicians Become Game For A Laugh
    If you ever wonder why people are showing apathy towards politics and politicians then try this: Next Thursday, I am supposed to vote for the candidate I think will be the best person to become a police commissioner in my locality – problem is, I’ve received no information about any of the candidates. Next week […]
  • 23/10 - Jimmy Savile – More Questions Than Answers
    The Jimmy Savile nightmare continues…. Late last year (after Savile’s death) a team from BBC2’s Newsnight started investigating claims that Savile had been active in sexually abusing young girls for decades. They based their story, almost totally, on the claims of women who had been resident in care homes whilst in their teens. Remarkably, Savile’s […]
  • 18/10 - Gary McKinnon And The Extradition Of U.S. Aliens
    It’s only taken ten years for our government to say ‘no’ to the US but finally Home Secretary, Theresa May, has done it. Her announcement, on Tuesday, that Gary McKinnon will not have to face extradition to America was a shot in the arm for the right of all UK subjects to a fair hearing. […]
  • 12/10 - Is Jimmy Savile The Smoke Hiding A Fire?
    As the Jimmy Savile revelations enter their third week, it’s very easy to get carried away by the stories in the media. However, nothing we have either read or heard, so far at least, has been anything more than heresay or allegation; there hasn’t been any concrete proof of the accusations made against him. Of […]
  • 05/10 - Jimmy Savile – A Dead Celebrity Cannot Sue
    It’s getting harder each day to find someone who doesn’t claim to have been sexually assaulted, as a child, by Sir Jimmy Savile. As all of us over the age of thirty five will know, Savile had a long and popular career as a DJ and was probably best known as the presenter of the […]
  • 01/10 - Megan Stammers – Is This Really Her Happy Ending?
    The disappearance of 15-year-old Megan Stammers and her 30-year-old school teacher has attracted the attention of the press for the last week. Thankfully, after much searching and numerous media appeals, they were discovered, safe and well, in France. Megan is now reunited with her family while her teacher has been arrested and is awaiting transfer […]
  • 24/09 - Mitchell v Police – Who Do You Believe?
    Tonight, The Telegraph has been handed the full police report of the Andrew Mitchell incident in Downing Street. It was released as Government officials were trying to convince us all there should be no further action taken against Mr Mitchell. The officer's report states: Whilst on duty at *** tonight (Wed 19th Sept) on a […]
  • 24/09 - It Must Be Apology Season For Politicians
    It must be apology season for politicians of all parties. First, last week, we had the heartfelt apology of shadow Northern Ireland minister, Stephen Pound, who denied he had fallen asleep during a commons debate, but who then made his apology, claiming he hadn’t realised it was him who had been spotted dozing (yawn). Next, […]
  • 17/09 - Three Days On The Furore Over Kate’s Breasts Continues.
    Three days on, the furore over Kate’s breasts continues. Following last Friday’s publication in a French magazine, of paparazzi shots of a topless Duchess of Cambridge, the world seems to have gone mad. She was photographed enjoying some ‘down time’ with her husband. The couple were doing only what most holidaymakers would be doing whilst […]
  • 14/09 - Kate’s Breasts Are Not The Real Problem
    Following on from last week’s revelation that Prince Harry has a bottom, the nation is, today, reeling from the news that his sister-in-law, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge has breasts. The French version of Closer magazine has published topless pictures, which they say were taken of the Duchess and her husband whilst they were enjoying a […]
  • 12/09 - Online Porn, Politicians And Puzzling Petitions
    Even on a normal day, I must admit to finding life very puzzling. The people who make up the human race I find to be even more puzzling than the puzzling life in which we all live. For instance, I am puzzled why over 100,000 puzzling people signed a petition, handed in to Downing Street […]
  • 05/09 - Arrogance, Politicians And An Olympic Legacy
    It’s long been thought that politicians have to be born with either a thick skin or a larger than normal dose of arrogance. Some, however, appear to be born with both. As a politician you can pretend to listen to your electorate and you can brush aside criticism of your party’s policies in the media. […]
  • 24/08 - Prince Harry Has A Bottom
    Prince Harry has a bottom. Yes, I know you probably hadn’t realised it until today. That’s because the British press were asked not to publish any details about his bottom, in case it invaded his privacy. Thankfully, the Sun newspaper has since decided we have the right to know all about the royal bottom, and […]
  • 21/08 - The Right To Live,The Right To Die
    The right to live, or the right to die, is a controversial subject. Who has ownership of that right, or that life, is constantly being debated – but, sadly, outside of Parliament. Last week saw a decision in the High Court where a man was refused the backing of the law, to protect doctors from […]
  • 17/08 - Julian Assange, Politics And A Mexican Standoff!
    It’s been over eighteen months since I last wrote about Julian Assange and Wikileaks. At the time I thought it was all about a political move by the US, to stop further embarrassing documents being published on the internet. I still do. After all those months; several extradition hearings; almost as many appeal hearings, and […]
  • 13/08 - Will The Olympic Flame’s Warmth Fade?
    After seven years of planning, and 16 days of competition, the main Olympic flame has finally faded in London. While for now, we bathe in the warmth of it’s memory, the future might not be so warm. We started the Games by giving the world a bizarre history lesson of our country and we ended […]
  • 07/08 - Confession of an Olympics Addict
    OK, I have a confession to make. Over the last 10 days I have become an addict of the evening Olympics coverage on BBC. I was, previously, very vocal in my reservations concerning the benefits of hosting the Games, but I am now completely caught up in the daily routine of checking the medals table […]
  • 23/07 - Olympic Stadium Legacy – The Biggest Fast Food Outlet In The World
    Where do you go to find the world’s biggest fast food restaurant and its hosts who rank seventh in the list of the world’s most obese countries? Weirdly enough, it’s at a place where the world’s fittest people are performing in front of an audience of billions…..yes…’ve guessed it…..The 2012 Olympics stadium in London. While […]
  • 16/07 - G4S, May & Hunt Compete In ‘Pass The Blame’ Olympics
    Few can deny that the failure of G4S to find and train enough applicants for the marshaling and security of the Olympic venues is incompetent. However, it appears Home Secretary Theresa May and Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt are a part of the few. While it is possible to forgive their need to talk up the […]
  • 13/07 - Footballer John Terry Not Guilty Of Racial Abuse
    Footballer John Terry has been declared Not Guilty following one of the most stupid court cases of recent years. He had been charged with racial abuse, following an altercation with fellow player, Anton Ferdinand, during a match last October. Terry claimed he was provoked into responding to a comment, made by Ferdinand, about his past […]
  • 12/07 - ‘Proper Chips’ Win The Gold Medal From McD’s
    The Olympics is coming; it’s only two weeks away! Whilst negative stories start to appear in the media about the potential for terrorist attacks, lack of security and the like, it seems to me, the greatest act of terrorism has already been committed! I always thought the only reason for a host country to put […]
  • 06/07 - Parliament, Tired MPs And A Four Day Week
    Hands up all those who haven’t yet realised we, as a country, are in the greatest financial mess we have experienced for decades. Hands up all those who haven’t been slightly rankled by politicians preaching we all need to pull together in our ‘Big Society’ and work longer hours for less money. Hands up all […]
  • 28/06 - Chancellor Suspends Fuel Tax Rise But…
    The chancellor’s announcement, that he is suspending his planned 3p-per-litre fuel tax increase was a welcome U-turn along his road to austerity. Despite the reduced forecourt prices of the last few weeks, its implementation would still have had a huge impact on both businesses and individuals alike. Chancellor Osborne has stated publicly he has done […]
  • 26/06 - Is Cameron Trying To Benefit From Benefits?
    I really didn’t want to like what prime minister David Cameron said yesterday about the need for benefit reforms but the more I read, the more I was surprised to find myself agreeing with some of his reasoning. Normally when a member of this government starts talking ‘benefits’, it is to paint a bleak picture […]
  • 20/06 - Politicians, Tax and the Moral Argument
    According to Treasury Secretary, Danny Alexander, those who use tax avoidance measures to reduce their tax liabilities are the “moral equivalent of benefit cheats” He was speaking publicly after it was reported that comedian Jimmy Carr is saving himself masses of cash by using a tax avoidance scheme called K2. It works by transferring income […]
  • 07/06 - Another Massacre In Syria; Another ‘Discussion’ At The UN
    Far from being subdued by the world’s condemnation of last week’s atrocity in Syria, the forces and militiamen loyal to President Assad have carried out another massacre in his name. Reports have been surfacing of an overnight attack on a village close to the town of Hama in which another 70 to 100 Syrian women […]
  • 04/06 - Queen’s Jubilee Is It A Celebration Of Being ‘Owned’?
    While walking to work the other morning, I overheard a snippet of conversation between a mother and her two young children. The children, aged about 7, were expressing their concern over being late for school and the mother replied by saying: “the teacher doesn’t own you; I own you”. At first, I smiled to myself […]
  • 30/05 - Time For The UN To Remember Its Purpose In Syria
    The appalling deaths of innocent children, and other civilians, in Syria last weekend has highlighted just how dis-united the United Nations has become. In a conflict that has been permitted to rumble along for the past year, whilst governments across the globe have been critical in public but apathetic in private, it should have been […]
  • 25/05 - Not Many New Friends Are ‘Liking’ Facebook
    If something sounds too good to be true, then it normally is, which segues nicely to the sale of shares in social networking site Facebook exactly a week ago. The internet is a mystery to many of us but if there is one thing that has been proved since its inception, it’s that a fool […]
  • 14/05 - ‘What You Call Austerity’ – I Call A Poisoned Patient!
    The Prime Minister said last week: “What you call austerity, I might call efficiency” He was appearing in a carefully stage managed re-launch of his badly bruised coalition with his trusty Lib Dem deputy, Nick Clegg, at his side. For some reason, this ‘show’ was staged at a tractor factory in Essex. I wonder if […]
  • 07/05 - A Bloody Nose For The Bully At The Polls!
    There are few things in life that generate as much pleasure as watching a bully being given a bloody nose. That’s how it felt last Friday as the final results came in from across the UK, following the local elections on Thursday. The ‘Tory knows best party’ which listens only to the views of their […]
  • 10/04 - Just ‘Cause It’s Legal It Doesn’t Make It Right!
    Chancellor George Osborne has today announced he is “shocked” by a fact most of us have been aware of for years – the richest people hang onto their wealth by organising their financial affairs to minimise the amount of tax they have to pay. Apparently, according to a study by HM Revenue and Customs, the […]
  • 02/04 - Forget April – Are We Just Fools?
    Yesterday was April Fool’s Day when traditionally the papers publish a fake story to tease the reader over something that isn’t real. Having scoured the online editions, I thought I had found the BBC’s attempt when I read that our coalition government, who spend so much time spouting on about ‘The Big Society’ are planning […]
  • 30/03 - Fuelling A Panic?
        If ever there was an example of our coalition government’s lack of understanding of ‘real’ people, it’s the latest debacle over a possible strike by tanker drivers who deliver the much needed fuel to our forecourts. Following on from its attempts to promote negative public opinion on benefit claimants, students, pensioners, pasty eaters […]

2011 (17)

  • 16/10 - Another Sorry Excuse For A Minister!
    On the same day Dr Fox finally resigned his post in the cabinet, after realising the ‘sorry’ excuse didn’t work, another minister is forced to try the same tactic. Oliver Letwin, a minister in the Cabinet Office was observed by the Daily Mirror, on at least five separate occasions, disposing of paperwork in the wastebins […]
  • 12/10 - When Sorry Really Isn’t The Hardest Word…!!
    I’ve not posted on here for a long time and I just want to say ‘sorry’. I don’t mean sorry in a genuine remorseful way but sorry in the sort of way that hopefully you will just accept I am sorry and forget to look any further into the reasoning for me being sorry in […]
  • 04/07 - Are We Just Feeding The Madness?
      If you ever needed proof of what a mad mad world we live in, you only had to watch last night’s BBC news bulletin on TV. The top story concerned the present crisis in Ethiopia and the plight of the thousands who are likely to die of malnutrition over the coming months, due mainly […]
  • 28/06 - Is Our Value Of Life Going To The Dogs?
    The news about the horrific deaths of two police dogs, as a result of being locked all day in a police officer’s car, was tragic to say the least. Despite colleagues of the officer breaking the car’s windows to save the animals (they had been suffering all day in high temperatures) animal welfare staff at […]
  • 20/06 - The BBC (unwittingly) Discovers The Answer To Declining Marine Life!
    It’s not often that the answer to a worrying environmental problem can be found on the same news page but, today, the BBC News website managed it without even realising it had. At the top of the page its editors featured this: A deeply disturbing story on the decline of the world’s marine life, for […]
  • 20/04 - To AV Or To AV Not?
    With just two weeks to go until we all rush to the polling centres to express our wishes regarding who should be making local decisions and whether we should change the voting system, I am still none the wiser. For the local part, I don’t see a problem with the present ‘system’ as I have […]
  • 06/04 - MPs Just Clowning Around!
    I was playing around with an idea of comparing the antics of parliament with a circus, when I came upon a website called I just couldn’t resist the temptation to feed the following names into the clown name generator to see who their clown alter egos would be: David Cameron = Baron Noogstein Nick […]
  • 04/04 - Pensioning Off Our Right To Retire…!
    The Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, has unveiled details of his plan for reform to the welfare system. While he is correct that the present system is ridiculously complicated and needs simplifying, he is wrong in his assumption that most people want to stay in work indefinitely. He claims that most people want […]
  • 20/03 - The Lame Excuse For Action In Libya
    Announcing the commencement of military action against the Gadaffi regime’s refusal to capitulate to the wishes of the UN our PM, David Cameron, said: “We should not stand aside while this dictator murders his own people” It seemed to be a rather strange and weak reasoning for entering into what could well escalate as a […]
  • 16/03 - Respect To The Survivors In Japan!
    If the recent events in Japan were the plot of a Hollywood disaster movie, we could all be forgiven for laughing at the lack of credibility in the story and suspecting that the scriptwriters had been sniffing too much apple juice.  Sadly, they are reality! Five days after the initial earthquake and the devastation of […]
  • 14/03 - Driving Down Taxation Street!
    Have you ever wondered just how much you spend on ‘fuelling up’ your car each year? If you are like me, you deliberately don’t keep a record, as you know it’s going to be a frightening amount of money. Let’s take it a stage further and work out how much of your hard earned wages […]
  • 13/03 - The Power Of Modern Dissent!
    Yesterday’s paper had a good quote from Alastair Campbell which highlights the power of global communication in today’s world and its effect on the way governments and regimes control dissent: “There are governments and leaders who continue to believe that they can shut down networks and keep dissent in its box. They can shut down […]
  • 11/03 - A Moment To Reflect On Japan…
    I doubt there can be anyone who watched today’s events unfolding in Japan, who was not moved by the sheer scale of what they were witnessing, It seemed unbelievable that an unstoppable ten metre high wall of water, caused by the earlier record breaking offshore earthquake (measuring 8.9) swept everything out of its path as […]
  • 11/03 - Clegg Reveals ‘Complete Bilge’
    If, like me, you have ever wondered how two political parties, with differing ideologies, can form a coalition government and run our country, you will be pleased to read that deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, has revealed all. In an interview in today’s Independent entitled ‘I Told Cameron He Was Talking Complete Bilge’ he said: […]
  • 10/03 - Another Fine Mess……Well Almost!!
    I haven’t written anything, up until today at least, about the recent uprisings in the Middle East. To be quite honest with you, I don’t really know what to think. The speed with which the protesters achieved their objectives in both Tunisia and Egypt surprised even the most optimistic of observers. It was almost as […]
  • 02/03 - Fuel Your Anger At MPs Not Road Users!
    With fuel prices continuing to rise on the back of the political unrest in the Middle East, it is understandable that fuel users here are becoming increasingly frustrated. It is tempting for campaigning groups to contemplate taking direct action by staging ‘go slows’ on major roads or blockading oil refineries. While it may be understandable […]
  • 17/02 - A Long Time Resting…..
    It’s been almost two months since I’ve posted on here and I am ashamed of myself; I needed a break. I’ve also been testing new technologies to make my writing life easier but somehow I never got re-started. A lot has happened in the world in the time I have been away and if I […]

2010 (118)

  • 23/12 - Dreaming Of A Tough Life In California While Facing The Reality That Is The UK!
    Spare a thought for those living in the US state of California who are complaining that a gallon of fuel for their vehicles has risen to the ridiculous price of three dollars (£1.79 in our currency). While I was shelling out my £1.22 per litre (£5.44 per gallon) in my local Asda this morning, I […]
  • 22/12 - Is Vince Cable A Fool Or A Mischief Maker?
    Is this the face of a fool or the face of a mischief maker? Business Secretary, Vince Cable, who has long been respected for his forthright views on the economy and his personal reservations about his party’s power sharing coalition with the Conservatives, has been caught in a ‘sting’ by two journalists from the Daily […]
  • 17/12 - Wikileaks Three Weeks On!
    With the release of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, on conditional bail, the saga continues. It is as confusing a situation now, as it was three weeks ago, when the news first broke of Sweden’s desire to have him returned to that country, to answer questions about his alleged sexual misdemeanors from last August. Of course, […]
  • 16/12 - Green Energy Could Make Us All Sick!
    A story in today’s Daily Telegraph reports that household electricity bills are likely to rise by around £500 per year to pay for the additional investment needed in green energy. Britain is obligated to increase its share of energy from renewable sources from 3 per cent to 15 per cent to meet EU targets but […]
  • 15/12 - Can We Really Afford The Cost Of Stealing From The Courts?
    The Justice Ministry has announced the cuts it will be making to the courts system following the Coalition’s spending review. Justice Minister, Jonathan Djanogly used the customary LibCon ‘get out of jail’ excuse for the cuts saying the present system is “unsustainable”. 93 Magistrates’ courts will be closed along with 49 County Courts but according […]
  • 10/12 - Raising The Cost Of Education Is Just A Riot!
    Yesterday, was the day the wheels could have come off the Coalition bus but it just managed to wobble home carrying a small majority of 21 votes. Well, we think it was 21 votes, but after the damning report this week revealing we are behind countries like Poland, Iceland and Estonia in the international league […]
  • 04/12 - Students Get Police ‘Punchy’ And ‘Over Steamed’ From Kettling
    I was led to the video below from the Liberal Conspiracy website because I was interested in witnessing the footage of a policeman punching a student at the recent demonstrations in London; I was not disappointed. I found it horrifying to witness the pure aggression of the officers who were forming the line blocking the […]
  • 04/12 - Wikileaks One Week On!
    It is almost a week since the release, by Wikileaks, of around 251,000 ‘top secret’ US cables and I am feeling distinctly underwhelmed. No wars have started, no foreign diplomats have been spotted fighting in the streets of foreign capitals and more importantly, nothing we did not already suspect goes on, has been going on. […]
  • 01/12 - The Debt Just Won’t Die!
    According to a survey by of almost two thousand 18 to 35 year olds, 98pc said they think they’ll still be in debt on their death bed. Eight out of ten of those asked said they thought it was far too easy to borrow money through their bank, or on credit cards. Other points […]
  • 29/11 - Calls To Dry Up The Wikileaks!
    If you put water into a leaky bucket, you get wet. Similarly, if you do not secure confidential transmissions between diplomats around the world you get leaks. That one basic fact is what the USA is finding out today as a staggering 251,000 of its confidential memos have been published on the whistleblower website Wikileaks […]
  • 26/11 - MI6 Blamed For Taliban Hoaxer
    You couldn’t make it up if you tried. The man who claimed to be a senior Taliban leader in Afghanistan and who has been engaged in talks with coalition forces and the Afghan government about reaching a peaceful settlement, has turned out to be a fake and has disappeared without trace. As if that were […]
  • 24/11 - Are Our Students Becoming Our Teachers?
    There must be something about the quality of the lectures on a Wednesday afternoon, for only two weeks after the Millbank riots in London, our students are once again …well…revolting. All over the UK, thousands of young – and presumably intelligent – folk have decided to demonstrate their immense displeasure and opposition to our Coalition […]
  • 03/11 - Help I’m A Prisoner – I’ll Vote Me Out Of Here!
    I have always been of the view (somewhat naively it now seems) that if someone commits an unlawful act against the society in which we live, they forfeit the right to be a part of our society for a specified period of time set by a Court of Law – they are ‘banged up’ While […]
  • 02/11 - Think Yourself Fit – Avoid The Cold
      It’s almost that time of year again when everyone around seems to be staring at you through watery eyes or coughing and sneezing in your face. For some, it is a time of sharing while for those bathed in sneeze particles, it is complete annoyance. However, a new study of over 1,000 people, claims […]
  • 01/11 - Political Message Or Just An Excuse For A Snigger?
    I viewed the above pic as part of an article in today’s Guardian newspaper about a political rally in the USA. When I got over my first reaction (having a guilty schoolboy snigger) I started trying to work out what the message from the poster is really supposed to be. Is it a comment on […]
  • 29/10 - Cameron’s ‘Extravagant’ Arrogance Needs Cuts
    In politics, there is a very fine line between arrogance and leadership and today, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, came close to proving my point. He has told opponents of his coalition’s housing benefits caps to “think again” describing the benefits as “extravagant” He also said: “Paying over £20,000 a year for the housing benefit […]
  • 28/10 - Boris Johnson’s Ethnically Cleansed TV On The Radio!
    London Mayor, Boris Johnson’s widely reported remarks, criticising the coalition government for their proposed draconian housing benefit reforms, appeared at first sight to be spontaneous. But, I wonder, if they were that spontaneous, why did he have a television crew filming what was supposed to be a regular radio interview with broadcaster Vanessa Feltz. It […]
  • 28/10 - He’s A Liar Liar
    Whether you agree or not, a lot of work must have gone into this! Try singing along….
  • 22/10 - How To Demonstrate EU Style!
    With a high probability we will be seeing mass demonstrations against the cuts announced in our coalition government’s spending review, I thought it would be interesting to compare our technique with our European neighbours: How we demonstrate here in the UK How they demonstrate in France How they show their displeasure in Germany All things […]
  • 21/10 - Poorer And Not Really The Wiser!
    One day on from Chancellor George Osborne’s spending review, aiming to save the nation from the consequences of our profligacy, we are, apparently, still all in this together (although, depending which newspaper you read, some of us seem to be more ‘in it’ than others). Overall, I was not as depressed last night as I […]
  • 20/10 - World Statistics Day
    Today is United Nations World Statistics Day and to enter into the spirit of things, our own Office For National Statistics has released the following information about the average Briton: The ‘average’ British woman is 40 years and seven months old and has 42 years left to live. If she works full time, she works […]
  • 19/10 - The Ins And Outs Of The Economy – It’s Simple!
    OK. so here’s my theory… Our country is in a fiscal mess because there is not enough coming in through taxes to cover the amount going out via government spending. Cutting the number of people claiming benefits from the state and telling them to get jobs will, theoretically, save a large part of our ‘overdraft’. […]
  • 18/10 - The Benefits Of The Chancellor’s New Voice!
    Chancellor George Osborne, in his latest headline grabbing attempt to demonise anyone on benefits, has quite rightly declared a war on those who cheat the system. He is reported as saying: “Frankly, a welfare cheat is no different from someone who comes up and robs you in the street. It’s your money.” and: “This money […]
  • 15/10 - Lib Dems – What A Difference A May Makes!!
    “If we have learnt one thing from the economic crisis, it is that you can’t build a future on debt.” The words of the Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, on 28th April 2010. So, how come he is now agreeing to anyone who has aspirations for a better education, leading to a better future, to […]
  • 12/10 - Forecast Of Failure In A Big Society
    In her article for the Daily Telegraph “We should be bashing bankers not the young, poor and disabled” Mary Riddell wrote: “Yesterday the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report How Fair Is Britain? showed a widening wealth gap, with the top 10 per cent of households worth an average £853,000 – 100 times higher than […]
  • 04/10 - The Benefits Of A Fairly Unfair System!
    I doubt there is anyone who can dispute we are in a financial mess and something needs to be done to control the enormous interest payments we are making to foreign institutions and governments for our borrowing. The most obvious and headline grabbing saving, is to reform the vastly complicated and financially draining benefits and […]
  • 30/09 - Milibands – Is Blood Thicker Than Political Water?
    ‘I can best support Ed from the backbenches’ says David Miliband about his younger brother, who beat him by a single percentage point to become leader of the Labour party. Of course, what he really means is if he were to accept a senior position in the shadow cabinet , he will permanently be under […]
  • 24/09 - Leading Labour Into The ‘Brotherhood’
    Tomorrow, we will finally learn who is to be the new leader of the Labour Party. One things seems certain: whoever it is will have the surname Miliband. Yes folks, Labour’s Miliband family roadshow has finally parked up, after a leadership campaign lasting longer than the average series of the X Factor. Unlike in that […]
  • 23/09 - Vince Cable Is Doing The Right Business!
    Yesterday’s speech, (full text here) by veteran politician Vince Cable, at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Liverpool, has been derided by many as being an attack on the very heart of British business, the banks and the basic freedoms of capitalism. ‘How dare he attack the very organisations he is supposed to be promoting in […]
  • 20/09 - A Taxing Reality For Deputy PM Nick Clegg
    In a desperate bid to try to deflect the criticism from grassroots members of his party that he has ‘sold out’ by forming a coalition government with the Tories, Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, is expected to announce a huge crackdown on the perfectly legal practice of tax avoidance. Whilst it may be on the […]
  • 19/09 - ‘Sorry’ Seems To Be The Hardest Word For A Pope
    “I think of the immense suffering caused by the abuse of children, especially within the church and by her ministers, Above all I express my deep sorrow to the innocent victims of these unspeakable crimes, along with my hope that the power of Christ’s grace, his sacrifice of reconciliation, will bring deep healing and peace […]
  • 16/09 - Should We Grasp The Papal ‘Hand Of Friendship’?
    In case you have missed today’s news, I can tell you that Pope Benedict XVI has started a three day visit to extend his ‘hand of friendship’ to all in the UK. Word of his arrival has caused great excitement in some people and complete apathy – and even anger – in many others. He […]
  • 14/09 - If You Want A Job…Show Some Thigh!
    While the Coalition Government is in full swing branding anyone receiving benefits as ‘work shy scroungers’ and blaming them, alone, for the massive hole in the country’s finances, it is worth recounting the advice a friend of mine was recently given. She is in her mid thirties, is long term unemployed and has brought up […]
  • 13/09 - Islam, World Peace and the Spark of Common Sense.
    The state of world peace is maintained by a delicate balance. It is also maintained by a tolerance of the actions of others and an acceptance of beliefs that may not be your own. It is, often, as simple as respecting other people’s feelings. Nothing seems to demonstrate this more than the recent publicity given […]
  • 28/07 - WordPress Resources at SiteGround
    WordPress is an award-winning web software, used by millions of webmasters worldwide for building their website or blog. SiteGround is proud to host this particular WordPress installation and to provide the following resources, which facilitate the creation of WP websites: WordPress tutorial Free WordPress themes Expert WordPress hosting WordPress tutorial The WordPress tutorial at SiteGround […]
  • 25/07 - Are You A ‘Have’ Or A ‘Have Not’?
    I haven’t written a post on here since June 2nd. I’m not sure why but I think I just needed a break. I had begun to lose the plot and was starting to bore myself (and probably everyone else) with my own thoughts. After the much hyped election in May, I was, like so many […]
  • 02/06 - Has Israel Finally Shot Itself In The Foot?
    “This was not a love boat, this was a boat of hate,” is Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s rather feeble effort at an excuse for his military action against the Gaza aid flotilla, in which nine ‘activists’ were killed by Israeli troops. It is an excuse that is starting to wear rather thin, after being […]
  • 25/05 - Is This Our New Democracy?
    On the day that Parliament was re-opened by The Queen and her new coalition government took control of the UK on a promise of a more fair society and the shrinking of a controlling state, it seems somewhat ironic, that long time anti-war campaigner Brian Haw was arrested this morning by the Metropolitan Police. Mr […]
  • 21/05 - Asda First To Help Us ‘Cash Cows’
    (graphic from website) Once again supermarket giant Asda is leading the way in passing on lower fuel costs to its customers. As the above graphic demonstrates, it is even more admirable when you see the small percentage that a retailer actually makes from a litre of fuel. Their own profit has to come mainly […]
  • 18/05 - The Hacker Who Broke Into US Never-Never Land!
    “Cyberspace doesn’t exist any more than never-never land. I was no more in America than anyone who is on a long-distance telephone call. The fiction of cyberspace should be properly tested in a British court because it is no more real than Santa Claus. They cannot “return” me to a country I wasn’t in, yet […]
  • 18/05 - Politicians Take Their Seats For ‘The Blame Game’
    With our new coalition government announcing June 22nd as the date for its emergency budget, the opposing players are taking their places at the table for ‘The Blame Game’. First to throw a six and keen not to take any blame for the financial suffering we will all be subjected to, the Chief Secretary to […]
  • 14/05 - Has Clegg Entered A Bum Deal?
    If politics were to be compared with a meal, we have been served more courses over the last week than we could possibly digest but somehow I am still feeling unsatisfied. When the news was announced on Tuesday evening of our new coalition government I was at first relieved but then after a short while […]
  • 11/05 - All Change On The Number Ten…!
    Finally, after the usual long wait, it’s all change on the No.10 bus. Gordon Brown, the previous driver, has been forced to retire prematurely following several careless accidents. Meanwhile, David Cameron has replaced him at the wheel and is now in the driver’s seat of a slick, shiny, new hybrid vehicle comprised from the parts […]
  • 11/05 - A Labour MP’s Summary Of His Party’s Version Of Democracy!
    “In the last two days the Conservative party has had two meetings, the Lib Dems three and continuous email contact. Labour has had none,” “We are to have one Wednesday 2.30pm by which time it will probably be all over. No need to consult us when all the decisions can be taken by Mandy and […]
  • 11/05 - Lack Of Government And The Financial Plughole.
    According to a respected economist on the BBC this morning, the amount our dying government is spending per day is £550m more than we are collecting in taxes etc. That means in the 4 days of dithering to decide who is going to lead the country after the election, we are a whopping £2bn further […]
  • 11/05 - Four Days On – Still No Leadership!
    Four days after we found out the not so surprising news we have a hung parliament and with both the Conservatives and Labour offering concessions and deals to the Lib Dems for their support to govern, we are still none the wiser who will gain power. It seems almost unbelievable that plans were not discussed […]
  • 08/05 - Who Will Win The Last Dance At The Political Ball?
    So, who really are the winners and the losers after Thursday’s election? The answer must be that the three main parties have all won and lost. David Cameron can claim his party has gained the highest level of support for probably the last eighty years, and should therefore be allowed to govern, but he has […]
  • 06/05 - Is Local Politics Dying A Slow Death?
    With all the hype generated by the national electioneering of the past few weeks, it has been easy to forget that we are also voting to elect our local councils in today’s polling. Borrowing a theatrical analogy, local politics has become the fringe event at the national festival. But is that really right? Local issues […]
  • 06/05 - Every Vote Sends A Message – Use The Power!
    At last, the big day has arrived and the sun is shining – for the moment at least! From media reports last night, it looks like it will be a race to the end of polling before we can get a hint of a winner and even then, it might not be with a workable […]
  • 05/05 - Should I Vote To Swim With Piranhas Or Sharks?
    Less than twelve hours to go and I’m still not sure who is going to get my endorsement in this election. It seems I am not alone, however, as opinion polls show that up to 30 percent of those of us eligible to vote, are also still undecided. To me, it appears to be a […]
  • 05/05 - Conservative’s David Cameron – Suicide or Murder?
    Results from several studies of the sleeping habits of over 1.5m people, released by Sleep journal, show that those getting less than six hours sleep a night are at serious risk of a premature death. David Cameron is said to have been campaigning through the night in an attempt to claim every available floating voter […]
  • 04/05 - My Election Letterboxometer 3
    With just one day of eIectioneering left before the polling stations open on Thursday, the only piece of literature to try to seduce my letterbox this week has come from UKIP – the party that thinks immigration is out of control and our being part of Europe is akin to swimming in a sea of […]
  • 03/05 - My Voting Dilemma!
    With just three days to go before we all (well those that can be bothered anyway) cast our crosses on the ballot sheets, I am, for the first time in my voting life, facing a major dilemma. Who the hell do I support? I have an irritating sense of sympathy for Gordon Brown of the […]
  • 30/04 - 3 Debates – One Clear Winner!
    After four and a half hours of televised political debate by the leaders of the three main parties, I must confess, it was more appealing than I first thought. I am not sure I learnt anything I did not already know and no-one would admit the scale of the hardships we are about to experience […]
  • 27/04 - My Election Letterboxomiter No 2
    Forget the fancy graphs, forget the animating graphics, the only true way of judging what is happening in this election, is to monitor what falls through your letterbox. This latest update to My Letterboxomiter, reveals all the clutter to fall onto my doormat in the last week has been from one party: The Conservatives. In […]
  • 25/04 - Cutting Through UK Nuclear Deterrent With A Knife!
    One of the headline grabbing arguments between the leaders of the three main political parties in this election has been the subject of our nuclear deterrent. While the Liberal Democrats have been very vocal in saying it should be scrapped, both Labour and the Conservatives accuse Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader, of being naive. […]
  • 24/04 - A Vote To Restore Democracy – Not Lunacy!
    “The mood of the country is that Mr Brown deserves to lose, but that Mr Cameron doesn’t deserve to win.” The best summary of the present situation, in this election, from the mouth of Lord Paddy Ashdown, former leader of the Liberal Democrats. We should remember that none of the parties have all of the […]
  • 23/04 - The Man With Two Faces!
    In an operation lasting 24hrs and taking a team of 30 medical staff, a Spanish man has been given a new face in a Barcelona hospital. Having lost his original features in an accident, he has now been given a complete new face including teeth, nose, cheekbones and skin. I refrain from imagining what will […]
  • 22/04 - Not Very Sweet To Sir Alan Sugar!
    My favourite quote of today, was heard during a seminar at the Kent 2020 Vision business event in Maidstone this afternoon. During a seminar on being an entrepreneur, ex The Apprentice contestant, Paula Jones, described her stoney faced television ‘boss’ Sir Alan Sugar by saying: “He’s quite offensive but indescriminately so” I was not quite […]
  • 21/04 - Good News, Bad News – The Planes Are Flying Again!
    Finally, the planes are back in the air! Whether this is good news, or bad news, is a matter of debate. For those living under the flightpaths of the UK’s airports, or in towns threatened by the building of new runways, or concerned about the impact flights have on our environment, it will be bad. […]
  • 20/04 - The BBC And Its License For Abuse!
    I am almost starting to feel sorry for the MPs who were exposed for making excessive use of their expenses. They have been vilified by the media (quite rightly) and the BBC have been particularly diligent in scrutinising and exposing every claim made. Today, though, it appears to be a case of ‘pots and kettles’. […]
  • 19/04 - Eruption And Disruption – It’s ‘Plane’ Crazy!
    So who really is running the asylum? Six days after our planes were grounded, airports are still closed and an estimated 150,000 UK travellers are stranded abroad, unable to get home. The cause, as we all know by now, is an erupting volcano in Iceland. I am finding it really hard to comprehend that such […]
  • 18/04 - My Election Letterboxomiter
    After the first 2 weeks of campaigning, an update on how overworked my letterbox has been: Conservative 2 leafletsLabour 1 leafletOthers must do better…nothing at all. The Conservatives also seem to have most of the election boards by the roadside so well done them! Next week it could all change! –
  • 18/04 - Why Are Political Candidates So Crap With Social Media?
    There seems a certain irony when our politicians have been pushing for a faster internet and Gordon Brown is claiming “in five years time we can be the digital leader of the world” that very few of them seem to know how to make use of it. This election is the first when all the […]
  • 18/04 - The Most Entertaining Manifesto So Far – It Rocks!
    At the start of week three of the election campaigning (has it really only been two weeks so far?) there is a risk we are all becoming a little jaded. Here is one party who’s campaigns never fail to cheer me up: I bet you’ll be humming, or whistling the tune all day, although somehow […]
  • 17/04 - If Only All Election Candidates Were As Good….!
    To borrow a catchphrase from the ‘old school’ entertainer, Max Bygraves: “I wanna tell you a story” (those under the age of 45 should click the link! LOL)On the day of the Liberal Democrats manifesto launch, I wrote a post about party leader, Nick Clegg and how I was impressed by what he had said […]
  • 16/04 - Grounded Flights – Volcano or Conspiracy?
    It seems unbelievable that almost every flight in and out of the UK has been grounded since midday yesterday. According to the air traffic control body, Nats, flights will not be able to resume until at least 1300hrs tomorrow. Apparently, the groundings are because of the danger of engine failure in the event planes fly […]
  • 15/04 - Clegg Has The Best Line Of The Night!
    The best quote to come out of the live Leaders debate tonight, came from the man whom the immediate polls have declared as the winner of the night – Nick Clegg. Referring to his two fellow debaters, Gordon Brown and David Cameron, he said: “The more they attack each other the more they sound the […]
  • 15/04 - TV Or Not TV That Is The Question – In This Election At Least!
    Today, we are all invited to take part in a bit of history making, for it is the day that the leaders of the three biggest political parties engage in a live televised election debate – a first for this country. Of course, it is not going to be a real ‘debate’ as the ground […]
  • 14/04 - Liberal Democrats – The ‘Lifeboat’ In A Sea Of Falsehood?
    Monday was the turn of Labour, yesterday was the Conservatives and today the focus was on what the Liberal Democrats would do for the country should they gain control of Parliament after the election. Leader Nick Clegg described his manifesto as: “… hope married to credibility, it is optimism in touch with reality.” and you […]
  • 14/04 - Conservatives, ‘Borrowing’ Lib Dem Ideas And The Gay Vote!
    I was surprised to see George Osborne’s plan to tackle homophophic bullying in schools promoted so willingly by the press last Sunday. It also features prominently on the front page of the Conservative Party website. Unfortunately for him, though, I remembered posting about an almost identical plan put forward by the Lib Dem’s Nick Clegg […]
  • 13/04 - Cameron’s Hollow Conservatives!
    David Cameron’s choice of venue for the launch of his party’s election manifesto, this morning, struck me as being a strange one, until I realised that Battersea Power Station has an immensely impressive facade but very little on the inside. Do you see the irony? Just like the Conservative party, it is struggling to convince […]
  • 12/04 - Political Leaders Trying To Sell Us Bankrupt Stock!
    This week will see the launch of manifestos from all the main political parties. They will set out their ‘shops’ hoping to convince us to walk through their doors and buy their promises. Sadly, they all have one thing in common; they have nothing to sell! Oh sure, they will try and convince us we […]
  • 11/04 - Pubs, Politicians And The Benefits Of Global Warming
    If there is one group of people who must relish the prospect of global warming, it is that of those who work in the pub trade. They have been hit really hard over the last few years with unfair competition from the undercutting supermarkets and customers reducing their spending during the recession. Many pubs have […]
  • 10/04 - Labour’s ‘Woman Of Substance’
    Well, I have finally discovered who is standing for Labour as their chosen candidate to replace Derek Wyatt at the polls on May 6th. The above info was lying on my doormat yesterday evening. Apparently, Angela Harrison is a ‘Woman of real Substance, real Achievement and NO SPIN’ That seems to be a bit of […]
  • 09/04 - Nosey Neighbours Speeding Us Along The Road To Communism!
    As if things are not bad enough in our new Big Brother world, Kent police have started to issue some of its residents, in the larger towns, radar detection kits to check on the speed of passing motorists. If they are exceeding the limit, the speed flashes onto a large roadside sign and the vehicle’s […]
  • 08/04 - Conservatives Win Round One!
    Congratulations to the Conservatives, who were first to litter my letterbox with election recycling materials yesterday. Prospective MP, Gordon Henderson, is keen to replace Labour’s Derek Wyatt who has been a very active MP locally but who is standing down this time around following his parliamentary expenses revealing a penchant for pork pies and scotch […]
  • 06/04 - Feel The Lurve And Dream The Dream It’s Election Time In The UK!
    The starter has finally fired the gun and the race is officially on to be first over the doorway of No10 Yep, there is going to be a ballot on May 6th Gordon Brown has been to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace, to ask her permission to disband parliament so campaigning can begin (I […]
  • 05/04 - No Room At The Inn For Gays – But Jesus Is OK!
    While the political rumblings might not be as severe as the 7.2 on the Richter scale being experienced by those in Mexico, Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling, must have felt more than a little quake in the pit of his stomach following publication of comments he made in private to the Centre For Policy Studies, […]
  • 03/04 - The ‘Irony’ In A Labour Poster!
    Just as I feared, Labour have now swallowed the bait from the Conservatives and are following them into an election campaign based on personalities rather than politics. The party PR machine has launched the above poster depicting David Cameron in the role of a fictional TV detective based in the 1980’s. Detective Gene Hunt is […]
  • 28/03 - UK Politics And A Blank Billboard!
    The above is reported to be one of a series of posters commissioned by the Conservative leadership as part of their election campaign. If it is to be an example of the standard of electioneering over the next few weeks then God help us all. It’s about time we banished the distraction of ‘personality politics’ […]
  • 27/03 - ‘Terrorism’ ‘Liberty’ And The ‘Fear of Fear!’
    Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights, comprised of peers and MPs from all parties, has reached a conclusion that many of us formed a long time ago – the government’s response to the threat of terrorism in the UK far exceeds the probability of an incident. The committee has questioned whether ministers could legitimately argue, […]
  • 10/03 - Jamie Bulger, John Venables And ‘Human Rights’
    What sort of society have we become that we care more about preserving the anonymity of a convicted child killer than we do about the terrible act he committed against his victim? I am referring, of course, to an incident in 1993 when a two-year-old boy, Jamie Bulger, was taken from a northern shopping centre […]
  • 05/03 - Gordon Brown, Iraq And The Ominous ‘World Order’
    PM Gordon Brown’s appearance, today, in front of the Iraq Inquiry into the war was, as expected, forceful and confident. He told the panel the war had been “right” He said he had been convinced by his own intelligence briefings that Iraq “had to be dealt with” as it had become a threat. He thought […]
  • 03/03 - ITV Thinks Its Audience Are Goldfish!
    What is going on? ITV has been showing the live football match between England and some foreign team for two and a half hours tonight and after just a half hour break for its News At Ten, it is now playing out the highlights of the same match. Do they think we are all suffering […]
  • 03/03 - Michael Foot – A Lost Era!
    It was with a great deal of sadness that I heard the news of the death of Michael Foot, a left-wing Labour party leader from an era when politicians had integrity and conviction and not the false facade of media training courses and spin. Mr Foot always reminded me of a crazy mad scientist with […]
  • 23/02 - Cheryl Cole-Text With Ashley And A Night In LA With A Dog!
    The media is full of the marital strife of celebrity Cheryl Cole and her footballer husband Ashley, who appears to have been trying to take full advantage of playing offside. It has been reported that Cheryl, who has been in LA for the weekend, has dumped her husband by text and has been seeking comfort […]
  • 22/02 - Three Cheers For ‘Brown The Bully’
    Shock Horror! It is being implied that our prime minister, Gordon Brown, is a bully and has been intimidating his staff by his rants and physical abuse. An anti-bullying charity has stated it has received calls from No.10 personnel seeking comfort and advice about the upset they are suffering while at work. Predictably, No 10 […]
  • 18/02 - Dial ‘M’ For Mossad, Murder And Miliband
    The killing of a Hamas commander in a Dubai hotel last month, is starting to cause an international outcry – officially at least. Mahmoud al-Mabhouh is thought to have been in Dubai negotiating a deal for armaments, when his life was ended by what is believed to have been members of an Israeli secret service […]
  • 16/02 - Profiteering And A Complete Bunch Of ‘Bankers’
    Barclays Bank has just announced profits of £11.6bn. This is an increase of 92% on the previous year. Other banks are expected to announce similar news in the near future. Barclays’ management is intending to share out a bonus pool of around £1.5bn amongst some of its staff. Meanwhile, interest on credit cards is running […]
  • 04/02 - The Cost Of Balancing Art And Earthquakes!
    The above life-size bronze sculpture, by Swiss Artist Alberto Giacometti, was sold at auction in London, yesterday, for the record sum of £65m after just eight minutes of bidding. The UK appeal for the disaster victims of the earthquake in Haiti has raised £70m and taken almost three weeks. Somehow, comparing those two facts makes […]
  • 04/02 - Troops Patrolling Streets Of UK?…..It Could Soon Happen!
    Just when you thought it could not get any worse…it has! We are already the most surveilled population of almost any country in the world and now it seems our controlling government are paving the way to be able to deploy the armed forces on the streets of Britain. The news came in a Green […]
  • 03/02 - Katie Price Wedding Draws ‘Gasp’ Of Boredom!
    According to the website of ITN, the latest wedding of Katie Price (aka Jordan) which took place in Las Vegas yesterday “drew gasps throughout the nation“. Really? The only thing close to a gasp that I could hear, was a collective yawn of boredom and the odd wheeze from an asthmatic. Somehow, I doubt there […]
  • 03/02 - Richard Madeley On Saddam And Blair!
    If I was Tony Blair I would be seriously worried tonight. TV presenter, Richard Madeley, who is the ‘Dick’ of the legendary TV partnership of Richard and Judy has felt the need to make a short film for BBC’s Daily Politics show in defence of our previous prime minister. I am not sure which shocks […]
  • 02/02 - Should John Terry Remain England Captain? – Hell No!
    Predictably, the papers are full of the alleged marital indiscretion of England and Chelsea captain John Terry and questioning whether he should be allowed to continue as captain of the England squad at this year’s World Cup Finals. For me, the answer is very simple…No! I say this not because of what he has done […]
  • 01/02 - Climate For A Change…Of Message!
    The UK’s Climate Change Secretary, Ed Miliband, has stated it would be “profoundly irresponsible” to use one “mistake” as an excuse not to act. He was referring to the fact that the Himalayan Glaciers have not seemed to melt in quite the ‘doom and gloom’ manner predicted by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate […]
  • 30/01 - Blair And Iraq – All In One Picture!
    Having spent today following the reports of Tony Blair’s historic grilling, yesterday, at the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq War, I was really not sure what impression I was left with. Then, I saw the above picture in The London Daily News and it seemed to sum it all up perfectly!!
  • 28/01 - MMR Jab – The ‘Proof’ Is Still Out There!
    One of the biggest decisions for parents of small children over the last decade, has been whether to have a child vaccinated with the MMR jab. The triple vaccine is said to protect against Measles, Mumps and Rubella and is highly recommended by the officers of our nanny state who, of course, always know best. […]
  • 26/01 - ‘Obscenity’ And The Ministry of Defence
    Defence Secretary, Bob Ainsworth, has been forced to reveal, in reply to a parliamentary question, that a senior official at the Ministry of Defence trousered a bonus payment of £84,500 last year. The average payment for senior fixed term appointees was said to be £31,890 over the same period. What the heck is a ‘senior […]
  • 22/01 - New ‘Foolproof’ Airline Security On Test!
    Don’t laugh……It could well catch on!”
  • 21/01 - UK Politics In A Picture!
    Seems pretty accurate to me!
  • 18/01 - Robin Hood And The Twitter Terrorist!
    It’s a well known fact that Twitter is the place where terrorists the world over announce their intentions to commit another outrage. Well isn’t it? Errrr actually no it’s not. It is, instead, a place where millions of people the world over empty their heads by sharing thoughts that can sometimes be outrageous and stupid. […]
  • 18/01 - It’s ‘Butter’ To Reduce The Prices!
    One of the UK’s leading heart surgeons has called for a ban on butter and some high fat foods, in an attempt to halt the rise in coronary disease and its related problems. Oh that life were so simple. The fact is, the things that are bad for us are often the very things we […]
  • 14/01 - Nick Clegg, Schools And The Gay Vote!
    Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, has stated that all school children, particularly those from faith schools, should be taught that same-sex relationships are “normal and harmless”. He also said: “Crucially faith schools should have a requirement to have an anti-homophobic bullying policy at their school.” Surely, there should be a requirement to […]
  • 11/01 - Lord Mandelson – The Man Who Controls Brown’s "Marionettes"
    In today’s Independent, columnist Bruce Anderson writes an intriguing article about the state of Gordon Brown’s government and the man who holds the real power by pulling the strings, Lord (Peter)Mandelson. Anderson writes: Although there may have been someone like him at Court in Versailles, Lord Mandelson’s position is without precedent in British politics. He […]
  • 10/01 - There’s ‘Snow’ Reason To Believe The Daily Mail
    Today’s Headline on the Daily Mail’s website Mail Online is shown above. It reports that eight inches more snow is expected today and tomorrow. It also reports panic buying in the shops with ‘essentials’ having sold out. it specifically mentions my home county of Kent saying: “In Kent, for where the Met Office has issued […]
  • 09/01 - Greedy Selfish Society – All Is Revealed In Tesco!
    This afternoon, I braved the ‘blizzard’ and nipped down to my nearest Tesco store to get a few necessary supplies. Bearing in mind it was only just past two in the afternoon, I was amazed to discover that there was not a single loaf of bread to be found along an aisle that must have […]
  • 08/01 - It’s All White..!
    I think this satellite picture of our snow covered island is just amazing. It does more to explain the extent of our present condition than a thousand words in the media ever could!
  • 08/01 - Bad News For Brown And ‘Badder’ News For The Plotters!
    According to a poll commissioned by BBC 2’s Daily Politics Show and released this afternoon, half of all voters think Labour would do better if Gordon Brown stepped down as leader. However, before we all get carried away by the excitement, a staggering 70 percent could not think of any of his colleagues who would […]
  • 07/01 - Was Hoon Just The ‘Puppet’?
    If you feel your life is a little bit cold at the moment, Geoff Hoon must be finding it positively Siberian. After yesterday’s failed attempt, with Patricia Hewitt, to stir up a leadership challenge in his party, he is now having to suffer the full scorn and ridicule of his colleagues. I have surprised myself […]
  • 06/01 - The ‘Coup’ Could Have Worked…Or Could It?
    The BBC’s Political Editor, Nick Robinson, has claimed on tonight’s BBC News that six members of Gordon Brown’s cabinet WERE prepared to support a leadership challenge. Amongst those he named, were David Miliband, Jack Straw and Harriet Harman. All have subsequently claimed – some more convincingly than others – their support for Brown’s leadership. It […]
  • 06/01 - Two More ‘Idiots’ In Westminster Village
    As if Gordon Brown is not looking battered enough, today he had to suffer another attempt at stirring up support to oust him as his party’s leader. This time, it came in the shape of a letter sent to his own MPs, penned by ex-ministers Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon. The full text of the […]
  • 06/01 - Whale….We Certainly Got You This Time!
    The Japanese certainly have a delicate way of dealing with anti-whaling protesters. This video was shot by whaling researchers from the Institute of Cetacean Research. Fortunately, the crew of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s high-tech speedboat, managed to escape any harm, other than that to both their pride and vessel….
  • 05/01 - Surprise Surprise…It Is Winter And It Is Snowing!!
    If you were watching the TV news this evening you would think we were approaching the end of the world. Shock horror….it has been snowing! The white stuff has already caused chaos in Northern parts of the country and now there is more panic as it is heads to the capital and into the South […]
  • 04/01 - Wootton Bassett Does Not Need Islam 4 UK
    The previously little known web-based extremist group, Islam4UK, has managed to grab attention in the media by creating an outcry over its plans to hold a demonstration in the Wiltshire town of Wootton Bassett – the town whose people have lined the streets to honour the passing coffins of our military personnel returned from Afghanistan. […]
  • 03/01 - Is the G-spot a myth?
    All those wasted years….from fumbling teenager to inadequate adult I (like many other men) have been searching for the holy grail, only to find it does not really exist. Just like my disappointment on hearing that Santa is an imaginary figure, that politicians never deliver what they promise, or bankers are just greedy twats, I […]
  • 03/01 - ‘Full Body Scanner’ – A Potential Problem!
    Following the failed xmas day plane bombing in the US, PM Gordon Brown has announced, today, that the full body scanner is to be introduced in all our airports. This controversial piece of machinery is said to show, on a screen, the parts of us that are only normally to be examined by members of […]
  • 03/01 - Laptop Discrimination – whatever next?
    DSC00019.JPGOriginally uploaded by Westerly21 This sign was spotted on a table top in the bar of an hotel I stayed in near Lincoln UK. I am not sure what it means but it gave us something to talk about. Seems like we might need an anti-discrimination law to protect the rights of laptop users!!

2009 (140)

  • 29/11 - Does Anyone Really Want To ‘Find’ Osama Bin Laden?
    Unquestioning support for the presence of both our own and US forces in Afghanistan is rapidly dwindlng. As the number of troops returning from the country in coffins is increasing, our realisation of the difficulty of achieving a quick exit strategy is finally sinking in. In the US, President Obama is, at present, deciding whether […]
  • 28/11 - Weird But…..Works For Me!
    I don’t have a clue what this has to do with the drink Orangina but after a week of depressing news it made me smile. Probably, because I can imagine the outrage from the PC police if it were ever to be shown during the ad breaks of the UK’s TV channels!
  • 19/11 - EU The Heck Is Catherine Ashton?
    Mention the name Catherine Ashton and you could be forgiven for receiving a blank stare in response. From today, though, all that is likely to change, for she is not only a little known (outside of the political world) Baroness who had been working as the Trade Commissioner for the EU but she has just […]
  • 19/11 - A ‘Charge’ Harriet Harman Won’t Be Claiming!
    Labour’s deputy leader, Harriet Harman, is to face prosecution after all, following a police investigation into her alleged car smash back in July (see earlier post). The Crown Prosecution Service said in a statement: ‘The Crown Prosecution Service has decided there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to prosecute the Rt […]
  • 19/11 - No Expense(s) Spared In The Queen’s Speech
    Are we surprised? Yesterday, the Queen’s Speech, setting out the government’s final plans for the country before facing the electorate in next year’s general election, was conspicuous by one very large omission – there was no mention of any legislation relating to MP’s expenses. Following one of the biggest political scandals of the last few […]
  • 17/11 - Computer Virus? – Electrocute Their Genitals!
    Beware, there is a new virus attacking computers. It starts with an email along the lines of: We are contacting you in regards to an unusual activity that was identified in your mailbox. As a result, your mailbox has been deactivated. To restore your mailbox, you are required to extract and run the attached mailbox […]
  • 16/11 - Edward Woodward – ‘That’s a Wrap!’
    You know when you are getting older – the ‘stars’ you have always watched on-screen start to disappear. Today, it was the turn of the great actor, Edward Woodward, who died at the age of 79. I first watched him in the TV series Callan and was mesmerised by his clipped speech, which although was […]
  • 16/11 - The Sun Goes Down!
    You could not make it up! The Sun has been forced to apologise for doing exactly what it criticised the prime minister of doing – misspelling the surname of Jacqui Janes. She is the mother of Grenadier Guardsman, Jamie Janes, who was killed in Afghanistan. She made GB’s hand written letter of condolence public last […]
  • 15/11 - Afghanistan – The History Of Failure.
    We are not an occupying army,” Gordon Brown told the BBC on Friday. “It’s not like previous interventions…. We are actually creating the conditions by which the Afghans themselves, and not an occupying army, can run their own affairs.” The words above are quoted from an excellent article in today’s Independent by author James Fergusson. […]
  • 14/11 - Afghanistan- We Will Eventually Have To Talk (Pt 2)
    I suggested it back in July, in my post Afghanistan – We Will Eventually Have To Talk! but now it seems our government is finally catching up with my common sense theory, that nothing will be resolved in Afghanistan unless we all start talking. They have asked the government of Hamid Karzai, the President of […]
  • 13/11 - Coincidence Of Child Deformities In Iraqi Town Of Falluja?
    A baby born with two heads, many with multiple tumours and others with extensive damage to the central nervous system. It sounds like the kind of horror to be found in the plot of a science fiction film but is, in reality, what is happening in the Iraqi town of Falluja. The level of chronic […]
  • 13/11 - A War Is A Good Payday For MoD Civil Servants…
    Civil Servants at the Ministry of Defence have been paid bonuses this year of £47 million. The payments are, apparently, performance related although quite how ‘performance’ is measured in a department that deals in armed conflict I am at a loss to understand. Do they get a payment based on a reduction in injuries or […]
  • 11/11 - Unemployment – What Hope For Our Young?
    The Office of National Statistics has announced today that the number of people unemployed in the UK has risen by its smallest amount since May 2008. Before we pop the champagne corks and explode the party poppers, we should remember that the rise was still 30,000 bringing the total number of those out of work […]
  • 09/11 - What makes a Soldier….
    I meant to post this at the weekend but foolishly, I left the original email at work. It was sent as part of a weekly newsletter I receive from the Red Fridays campaign. I have no idea who the author is but I found it to be extremely thought provoking; it brings reality into the […]
  • 09/11 - How ‘Write’ Was PM Gordon Brown ?
    It is not often that I feel a pang of sympathy for dear 'ole Gordon, our esteemed prime minister but I did feel it stirring today. < p>He has, after all, been guilty of extreme arrogance and aloofness in the past but he does not deserve the bitter criticism he received from today's papers. < […]
  • 08/11 - Remembrance Sunday and The Afghanistan/Iraq Conflicts
    Today is the day we remember all those who have died in conflict fighting to preserve our freedom. Since my earliest childhood memory of men and women standing around the Cenotaph in warm black coats, silently laying wreaths of bright red poppies, it has been about those who fought in WW1 and WW2. Now, though, […]
  • 04/11 - Life On Planet Concussion!
    It has been a while since I last posted on here, following my spectacular dive down the stairs and my teeth numbing stop, using my head as a brake, against a doorframe. Since my unplanned flight, I have been living on Planet Concussion. It is a strange world I entered after needing the rather confusing […]
  • 13/10 - Great ‘Expenses’ Quote From Ann Widdecombe MP
    One of the best quotes of the day, referring to the MP’s expenses repayment saga, must have been supplied by Ann Widdecombe, Tory MP for Maidstone. She was trying to make the point, that limits for expenses should not have been imposed on MPs retrospectively and was implying that MPs should be trusted to govern […]
  • 13/10 - Global Warming Makes A Nice Sunset?
    If this is an October sunset in the UK that results from global warming then things can’t be all bad! Bring it on!
  • 12/10 - Guardian Gagged From Reporting Parliament!
    The Guardian newspaper has announced it has been gagged from reporting parliamentary proceedings, on legal grounds, for the first time in living memory. It has said in its report: Today’s published Commons order papers contain a question to be answered by a minister later this week. The Guardian is prevented from identifying the MP who […]
  • 12/10 - Sympathy For MPs? – Not Even Slightly!
    OK..Ok it’s time to own up…aren’t you feeling just a little bit of sympathy for that dysfunctional group of society called MPs? After all, they have just returned from weeks and weeks on an expensive summer vacation (working in their constituencies, of course, and not holidaying in their second homes or travelling the world) to […]
  • 11/10 - Arse Kicking At Parliament Buildings!
    For a country that has so many surveillance cameras the authorities can virtually see the state of your colon as you walk down the street – and all in the name of anti-terrorism – it comes as some surprise to learn that 50 Greenpeace campaigners (protesting against global warming) have been able to climb onto […]
  • 10/10 - Support World Mental Health Day – You Would Be Mad Not To!
    Today, is World Mental Health Day. It has been organised to try to stimulate discussion on what seems to be one of the most stigmatised areas of modern medicine: mental illness. Most people would rather own up to having a serious sexual disease than admit they suffer from the most common form of mental disorder […]
  • 08/10 - London’s ‘Mayor Boris’ Tries to ‘Stuff’ Paxo
    I have only just caught up with this interview between London’s somewhat eccentric Mayor, Boris Johnson and BBC Newsnight’s ‘Rottweiler’ frontman Jeremy Paxman. It was recorded at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester on October 5th. I am not sure if it is really about politics or is just an audition for the lead roles […]
  • 08/10 - Second Class Service For A First Class Postal Strike!
    Postal workers have voted by a 3 to 1 majority in favour of an all out strike. If it goes ahead, it will be the first UK-wide walkout since 2007. However, I am not really feeling much sympathy towards either side in the dispute. Postal workers are seeking to protect their job security and working […]
  • 05/10 - Is Harriet Harman More Equal Than Anyone Else?
    “I’m Harriet Harman, you know where you can get me.” Those are the words of Labour’s deputy leader, Harriet Harman. They were not the reassuring words of an MP to a worried constituent but, instead, are alleged to have been made to a witness, who saw a parked car hit by Ms Harman’s vehicle, while […]
  • 04/10 - Conservatives Try To ‘Benefit’ From Cheap Votes!
    At times of financial downturn in the economy and when politicians are having to justify the bad news about raising taxes and cutting public services to refill fiscal potholes, it is always the easy option to highlight those in our country who are unable to defend themselves. I refer of course to those who are […]
  • 01/10 - Don’t Predict The Next Government Just Yet!
    Six months is a long time in politics and we have even longer than that until the next general election takes place. Of course, all the parties are now, unofficially at least, campaigning to capture the imaginations of the voters and predictably, the Conservatives are the most popular party in the polls at this moment […]
  • 28/09 - Roman Polanski Must Go Back To The US
    Roman Polanski is an acclaimed Oscar winning Film Director. He is the man responsible for films like Chinatown and The Pianist. He is also the man who admitted the drugging and sexual abuse of a thirteen year old girl, while he was photographing her for a magazine in 1977. He fled the USA before he […]
  • 27/09 - Andrew Marr Angers PM’s Aides
    Aides to PM Gordon Brown are said to be furious that he was sandbagged, during an interview with Andrew Marr, on BBC1, when asked whether he is taking prescription painkillers. Marr said: “A lot of people in this country use prescription painkillers and pills to help them get through. Are you one of them?” The […]
  • 17/09 - BBC Bans The Word ‘Butcher’
    I am irritated! Tonight, while travelling home from work, I was listening to the excellent Eddie Nestor who hosts the drivetime programme on BBC London 94.9FM. Eddie is one of the few broadcasters who has the rare gift of being able to discuss any subject, however sensitive, in a fair and amiable way, while still […]
  • 15/09 - PM Finally ‘Graduates’ From Business School
    “We are doing the right thing to make sure that for the future as we move into a full recovery we will invest and grow within sustainable public finances – cutting costs where we can, ensuring efficiency where it’s needed, agreeing realistic public sector pay settlements throughout, selling off the unproductive assets we don’t need […]
  • 14/09 - Is Our Prime Minister Depressed Or Just Useless?
    There has been an increasing level of discussion in the ‘world of blogs’ over the last week about whether Gordon Brown, our Prime Minister, is suffering from depression and whether he is being treated with medication. To my knowledge, the mainstream media have not, so far, made reference to the theory but I am sure […]
  • 13/09 - ITV Need More Than Just Product Placement
    The government is expected to announce a trial to allow independent television companies like, ITV, to profit from product placement in their programmes. This is another form of advertising where the bottles behind the bar in Emmerdale or the drinks in front of the judges in the X Factor will become paid space for manufacturers […]
  • 09/09 - Dying To Negotiate A Bargain!
    According to a report in today’s Independent, the average cost of bidding farewell to one’s dear departed, is now £7,018 taking into account legal costs, funeral expenses and flowers etc. This is a rise of 42 percent over the last five years. The funeral industry says the cost of new environmental procedures has been largely […]
  • 08/09 - Calling Time On Alcohol? – Mine’s A Large One!
    We have a habit in the UK of punishing the majority for the sins of the minority. The latest attempt to deprive us of choice comes from the British Medical Association (BMA) who are campaigning for a complete ban on all alcohol related advertising and to bring an end to the supermarket special offers and […]
  • 07/09 - BBC – Face To Race!
    Today’s big ‘storm in a media teacup’ is whether the BBC should invite a spokesperson for the British National Party (BNP) to sit on the panel of the political discussion programme Question Time. Of course they should. It is a no brainer! The BNP are mainly known for appearing to be a party with extreme […]
  • 04/09 - Wake Up Prime Minister And Face Reality!
    On the day that Labour MP, Eric Joyce, resigned his job as parliamentary aide to the Defence Secretary, our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has decided to try to convince us all that things are really going well in Afghanistan. Mr Joyce, a former army major, said last night in his letter to the PM: “I […]
  • 03/09 - The Camera Never Lies – Except In Afghanistan!
    The conflict in Afghanistan is taking a heavy toll on resources and human lives in both the US and the UK. The media and public in both countries have taken a long time to wake up to the fact that it is not going to be an easy war to win against the Taliban and […]
  • 31/08 - Red Arrows – Simply The Best!
    An article in today’s Independent is praising the RAF‘s Red Arrows display team and it is right to do so. Although they are officially part of the UK’s military forces they represent far more than just military might. They display the very best of training, discipline, bravery, skill, spectacle and engineering. Wherever they appear – […]
  • 29/08 - Falling In Love – With A Perfect Beauty!
    Last Thursday, I fell in love. It was not with an attractive female and certainly not with a man – although I am not saying there is anything wrong with that (tokenistic PC gesture over!) It was not even with a racy looking car or any of the thousand things I constantly desire from the […]
  • 28/08 - Michael Jackson ‘Homicide’ – What The Coroner Found..
    The much revered Michael Jackson, who died after suffering a cardiac arrest in June, had a cocktail of drugs in his body which included Midazolam, Diazepam, Lidocaine, Lorazepam and Ephredrine. The Los Angeles coroner has now announced the official cause of death as ‘homicide due to intoxication by anaesthetic‘ with the primary drugs responsible being […]
  • 27/08 - Enoch Powell Was Not A Racist……He Was A Prophet !
    A Tory Member of the European Parliament, Daniel Hannan, has got himself into hot water with his peers – yet again. Two weeks ago he was severely criticised for describing the NHS as a “60 year mistake” – his Party Leader David Cameron publicly denounced his views as “eccentric”. Hannan’s latest ‘crime’ is to tell […]
  • 25/08 - What A Clever Advert – A message For All
    I thought I would give us all a day off and share what I think is the very best of clever advertising. How could anyone fail to fall in love with Evian after this?
  • 24/08 - Politically Correct ‘Block’ Heads Remove Black As A Colour!
    This should not take long to write…. The politically correct management of the Citizens’ Advice Bureau has decreed that spam emails should not be placed on a ‘blacklist’ but instead be placed on a ‘blocklist’. Can you spot the subtle difference? Clever isn’t it? A spokesperson said: Our approach to language is not prescriptive or […]
  • 23/08 - Government Need Autumn Election – We Don’t!
    While Gordon Brown spends his summer vacation in Scotland, possibly looking for a new job, and his ‘stand-ins’ try to make the headlines in the national press, it is time to start wondering how Labour is going to survive the next few years. Given the public’s disappointment over recent political events and our perception of […]
  • 22/08 - Director Of The FBI Is A Hypocrite!
    Predictably, the outcry over the compassionate release of the only person convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, has been loud and spoken malnly with an american accent. Poor old Kenny MacAskill, Scotland’s justice secretary, has been the main target. He claims to have made the decision to release Megrahi all on […]
  • 20/08 - Lockerbie Bomber Leaves More Questions Than Conviction!
    The only man convicted over the Lockerbie bombing 20 years ago, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, has, as expected, been released from his life sentence on compassionate grounds. Megrahi is said to be suffering from prostate cancer and is not expected to live for more than a few months. No one can deny the bombing […]
  • 19/08 - Time For ‘Dinosaur’ MPs To Be Extinct!
    Just when we thought the public scandal over the expenses claimed by our parliamentary representatives was dying down, one of their number seems to have woken up from a coma and announced that he thinks the salaries of his buddies should be doubled, in exchange for not claiming some of the living expenses of the […]
  • 17/08 - NHS – In Sickness Or In Health?
    Right wing politicians in the USA have been knocking our NHS system and predictably, our own political leaders have been very vocal in, rather hastily, jumping to it’s defence. While it is admirable for them to do so, a cynic might focus on the fact that almost 1.4 million people are employed by the NHS […]
  • 12/08 - Paramedic Struck Off After Oral Sex!
    A much needed paramedic who was caught during the act of being given oral sex in the car park of a hospital, was today struck off the register. The chair of the disciplinary panel hearing his case said the act would: “offend the morals of any right-thinking member of the public” Had the 53 year […]
  • 11/08 - Baby P – Should The Gagging Order Have Been Lifted?
    The case of the torture and death of Baby P, two years ago, is still shocking. The 17-month-old child had been abused over a period of months during which his back and ribs had been broken along with other horrific injuries. I still cannot bring myself to read all of the details. The fact the […]
  • 09/08 - Mandelson – Prince of Darkness Will Stay Out Of The Light!
    Much has been written this week about whether Peter (Lord) Mandelson has plans to take over from Gordon Brown to lead the Labour Party. It seems to me, to be a bit of a ridiculous proposition and the only question that should really be asked is why should he, or anyone else for that matter, […]
  • 03/08 - Poor Wee Scotland …. It’s truly Offal!!
    Just when we English were thinking things were ‘at peace’ with our neighbours north of the border it seems we might be about to upset them again. After years of controversy over the ‘plundering’ of North Sea Oil and decades of arguing over self rule for the wet, windy, mountainous and I might add very […]
  • 29/07 - Buy One Get The Rest Free ….. In German Brothels!
    Walk through any shopping centre in the UK and you will see discount offers a plenty, aimed at boosting trade for a range of struggling businesses. The German’s have gone one better and are offering customers of their brothels the chance to sleep with as many prostitutes as they want…. all for a one off […]
  • 29/07 - Cameron Is A Complete Tw*t
    If I ever had any doubts about the Opposition Leader, David Cameron’s ability to lead this country after the next general election, they were confirmed today. As a guest on a networked radio show he ‘inadvertantly’ used swear words and has since made a carefully crafted ‘apology’ Explaining why he does not use social networking […]
  • 27/07 - Afghanistan – We Will Eventually Have To Talk!
    My goodness, it has been three weeks since I last posted. I have been trying to think of a reasonable excuse for being so unreliable and have failed miserably. During my ‘downtime’, more of our troops have lost their lives in Afghanistan and two more have died today. Politicians of all parties have been making […]
  • 08/07 - Afghanistan – Is The Gamble Worth The Lost Lives?
    In the space of a week, seven British soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan. UK Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth has now admitted what we all know already…. that even more lives will be lost. The total number of UK military personnel killed in the conflict is now 176. The Defence Secretary justified our continued presence […]
  • 07/07 - Government – The Illogical Cost Of Logic!
    The politicians are, once again, taking shots at each other over the spiralling cost of government and how they are going to reduce it. The Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, David Cameron, said yesterday he would cut back on the expensive and unelected quangos should his party win the next election. What is needed, though, […]
  • 27/06 - Michael Jackson – Controversial To The End!
    The King is dead – well the much celebrated ‘King of Pop’ anyway! In the unlikely event you have been hidden away in a cave and not heard the news, singer, dancer and musician, Michael Jackson, passed away during Thursday evening (UK time) from what is said to have been a heart attack. The media, […]
  • 22/06 - UK Policing -A Change For The Worse!
    Last time I checked, we were living in a free society where the right to demonstrate was just that – a right. When it was peacefully carried out, it was unhindered by the police – intervention only came about after a public order offence was being, or likely to be committed. This disturbing video report […]
  • 20/06 - PM Wants To Teach Not Lead!
    Speaking in a peculiar but presumably honest interview in today’s Guardian, Gordon Brown has said he would like to go into teaching when he leaves office. He has also admitted to being a poor communicator and admits he has lacked the ability to forward plan because he has had to concentrate on dealing with real […]
  • 18/06 - It’s So ‘Transparent’ They Think We Can’t See Through It!
    With what has turned out to be rather bizarre timing, the government announced on Tuesday, their plans for a broadband tax on phone lines in the UK, to guarantee all of us are able to surf the internet at the highest possible speeds. Today, the Commons authorities have published over a million documents on the […]
  • 16/06 - The ‘Dud Missile’ Of An Iraq War Enquiry
    Yesterday afternoon, our failing prime minister, Gordon Brown, finally announced what many have been demanding for years – an enquiry into the Iraq war. So far so good. The fully independent enquiry is to be held in secret, will not report until after the next general election and will not apportion any blame. Now that […]
  • 10/06 - Planet Earth to Collide with either Mars or Venus!
    We’re all doomed! Computer simulations have predicted that our planet Earth might collide with either Mars or Venus– but not for at least another billion years! By that time, we will probably already have destroyed ourselves by one of a multitude of perils like Swine Flu, nuclear stupidity, global warming, another crap government or boredom […]
  • 08/06 - The Perils Of A Big Majority!
    Predictably, the Labour party have been well and truly trounced in the European and local elections; they have suffered the worst results in living memory. Predictably, the Conservatives have gained a massive power base and are looking good for when the country eventually goes to the polls in a general election. Sadly, apart from a […]
  • 04/06 - Voting – An Exercise In Freedom!
    Twenty years ago, this week, the demonstration for democracy and freedom of speech took place in Tiananmen Square in China. Few will forget the iconic picture of ‘tank man’ who stopped the military armour by refusing to move out of its way. It seems ironic that today, when we are supposed to be exercising our […]
  • 03/06 - PM Brown Takes Low Blow From Blears!
    If the wheels on Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s bus have not yet fallen off, they are certainly wobbly to the point of collapse. Following yesterday’s rumour that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is to leave his cabinet, Communities Secretary Hazel Blears, has now followed, using perfect showbiz timing (some might question what she ever did anyway). […]
  • 02/06 - Queuing For The Right To Die!
    Today, I was shocked to learn that over eight hundred people in the UK have added their names to a waiting list – to die. They are queueing to attend special clinics in Switzerland, where the law permits assisted suicides and where they will be helped to end their lives with dignity. Of course, most […]
  • 01/06 - Britain’s TV Talent
    This weekend saw the largest audience for a UK TV show since 2004. It has been described by many as “car crash television” and by some as being “a freak show”. Whatever the various opinions expressed, there is no denying that the final of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) attracted a peak audience of 19.3 million […]
  • 27/05 - MPs Expenses – One Even Suggests A Rise!
    It’s five days since I last posted on here and despite North Korea setting off underground nuclear explosions, petrol prices rising again, paedophiles in Portugal and Peter and Katie still being apart, one story is still managing to cling onto the headlines after a staggering twenty plus days – MPs expenses! Even the media’s hysteria […]
  • 22/05 - You’re All Just Jealous!
    If you’re looking for an example of just how contemptuous some MPs still are after being caught milking the expenses system, you do not have to look further than Conservative MP, Anthony Steen. He was revealed in the recent Telegraph revelations for letting his daughter live rent free in the London flat used to claim […]
  • 21/05 - BNP? – One Lump Or Two?
    There’s been much ado in today’s press about a guest attending one of the Queen’s annual garden parties to be held in June. Nick Griffin is the leader of the British National Party (BNP) and is being taken to the event as the guest of a BMP member of the London Assembly. London’s mayor, Boris […]
  • 20/05 - Doctor Drills Into Boy’s Brain Using A DeWalt!
    It would be very easy to bore the bum off you with another story of greed and deception in Parliament, but to be honest there are only so many expletives one can use to describe those greedy, arrogant shits. Tonight then I am going to give you the night off and focus on someone who […]
  • 19/05 - Speaker Of The Commons Quits!
    Following yesterday’s witch hunt in the Commons, the Speaker, Michael Martin, has now announced he will be leaving his post on June 21st. It will be interesting to see, who will be put forward as his replacement, as it seems that very few politicians are able to ‘walk tall’ while still claiming a clear conscience. […]
  • 18/05 - Don’t Fall For The Blame Game!
    “We all bear a heavy responsibility for the terrible damage to the reputation of this House. We must do everything we possibly can to regain the trust and confidence of the people.” These words by Michael Martin, Speaker of the House of Commons, were part of his ‘apology’ this afternoon to a packed Chamber of […]
  • 17/05 - Extradition To US Without Evidence – Time For Change!
    Yesterday, I was sent a request to sign a petition on behalf of a husband and wife living in Scotland, to stop their extradition to the USA. Their names are Brian and Kerry-Ann Howes and they have four children. Their ‘crime’ is to have supplied two chemicals – both of which are perfectly legal in […]
  • 14/05 - Minister Suspended For ‘Sloppy Accounting’
    When was the last time you made the ‘mistake’ of forgetting you had paid off your mortgage? To most sane people it would sound ridiculous. Not so, apparently, to ex-Labour minister Elliot Morley, who has been exposed by the Telegraph as yet another greedy MP fleecing the public purse with his expenses. He has claimed […]
  • 14/05 - UK Is Slave Trade Destination.
    One week after my post Heathrow Children Trafficked For Sex revealing children going missing into the slave trade from a children’s home in Hillingdon, Parliament’s Home Affairs committee has declared that the UK is fast becoming a destination of what amounts to a modern-day slave trade. The MP’s from all parties that make up the […]
  • 12/05 - BBC On-Air Battle with a Labour Lord
    Another day of revelations about MPs and their shameful and excessive expense claims. Opposition Leader, David Cameron, is claiming to be “appalled” at the stories and is insisting that members of his party, who have been named and shamed, must pay the money back or risk being expelled from his party. One of the most […]
  • 11/05 - Expenses Of A ‘Sorry’ Pog Of MPs
    Instead of hanging their heads in shame, as most of us would do, Members of Parliament – from all parties – have defended their over excessive use of the parliamentary expenses system, by saying they have done nothing wrong and have only claimed what is allowable under the rules. Some have said a half hearted […]
  • 07/05 - Heathrow Children Trafficked For Sex!
    Q. How do you lose 80 children in just over two years? A. Put them in a children’s home run by Hillingdon council. As incredible as it may seem, that is what has happened to many of the children – mainly of Chinese origin – who have arrived unaccompanied at Heathrow Airport. They are taken […]
  • 06/05 - The Home Secretary’s Final Comedy Routine?
    As any good comedian knows, it is all in the timing. So what better proof could we have all been shown, than that supplied by the woman who has given us many laughs over the past few weeks, Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith. On the same day she has announced the introduction of the controversial identity […]
  • 06/05 - Caught Off Camera – You’re Nicked!
    The boss of one of the main companies responsible for supplying speed cameras to the authorities has been fined £300 and banned from driving for six months for ……speeding!! Tom Riall, is head of the Serco company which has provided around five thousand cameras across the UK. He was caught by a police patrol while […]
  • 05/05 - Beware The Ninjas Gordon!!
    The Ninjas are busy ironing their best black pyjamas and sharpening the points of their knives. While PM Gordon Brown hops from foot to foot on You Tube, looking like an epileptic on steroids, his trusted cabinet colleagues are busy plotting. Last week, Communities Secretary, Hazel Blears, openly stated that her boss had led a […]
  • 04/05 - A Crashing Time For Police Drivers!
    Figures obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act have revealed that police officers caused over 64 accidents per week last year – that’s a staggering 3,357 over the full year. Since 2004, the number of police-related car accidents has also included the loss of 150 lives. These figures may even be lower than they should […]
  • 02/05 - Iraq – More ‘Official’ Lies!
    An article in today’s Independent’s Commentators section by the much respected Robert Fisk highlights the deception that is still being ‘spun’ about our role in Iraq and the state in which the country has been left. The article has been based around a letter, forwarded to him by one of his readers, Tom Geddes, and […]
  • 30/04 - Iraq – The War of The Vanities!
    Today, saw the official ending of our six years of military presence in Iraq. Only future generations will be able to provide a clear answer as to whether we should ever have been in the country in the first place; many of the official documents recording the decision to take military action are still classified […]
  • 29/04 - Twitter – Long May It Last!
    No-one can doubt that Twitter has been an unqualified success story. It came from no-where to being one of the most mentioned – and used – websites on the internet. Celebrities are not considered A-Listers unless they are known to be posting their (often vacant) thoughts, using less than 140 characters. Their popularity is judged […]
  • 28/04 - Parliamentary P***Heads!
    Foreign Office Minister, Gilliam Merron, has been forced to reveal that the government holds a staggering 39,500 bottles of wine, spirits and liqueurs worth around £792,000 in the parliamentary cellars. Maybe, it was because they needed the additional storage space, that they sold all of our gold reserve at bottom of market prices and why […]
  • 28/04 - President Flies Into Trouble In New York!
    As stupidity goes, it must be right up there at the top of the table! The decision to fly Air Force One – the US presidential plane – at low altitude over New York, accompanied by a fighter escort, understandably, caused a minor panic among some of the city's residents. The horrific events of 9/11 are still fresh in the […]
  • 27/04 - Pandemic Of The Press!
    It seems we are all doomed. Well we are if we are to believe the stories in the tabloids and the reports being shown on tonight’s early evening news. Apparently, two people in the UK have now been confirmed as having Swine Flu, the highly contagious version of the flu family for which we do […]
  • 26/04 - London Marathon – Life’s Lesson To All!
    The London Marathon is the ideal example of what human nature is really about. It should be absorbed by everyone, but especially politicians, teaching professionals, life advisers and anyone with an ‘ology’ at the end of their profession. Not only is it a vast spectacle, run through the most beautiful city in the world, by […]
  • 26/04 - The Value Of Wealth!
    Today, sees the publication of the annual Sunday Times Rich List. As its name suggests, it is a league table of the richest people in the UK. According to news reports, it seems those listed this year, have seen their fortunes decline over the past 12 months. Those fortunes have suffered heavily through falling property […]
  • 22/04 - Driving Into More Debt!
    The much awaited – and feared – budget was announced in Parliament today by the Chancellor. It contained very few surprises and confirmed what we already know – we are heavily overstretched and it will take years to pay back what we have borrowed as a country. One piece of news that did make the […]
  • 21/04 - Tesco…..Time For Change!
    Supermarket giant, Tesco, has just announced a record profit of £3.13bn. It is the largest profit ever to be recorded by a British retailer. Of course, their PR reps are working overtime to play down how it was achieved but to me it can only be explained my one thing – overcharging! From now on, […]
  • 20/04 - Child Poverty – Is It Greed or Need?
    Various charities have been lobbying for more funds to be made available in this week’s budget, to tackle child poverty in the UK. What confuses me about the subject, is that there does not seem to be a true definition of what child poverty really is. I fail to remember ever seeing pot-bellied, semi-naked children, […]
  • 19/04 - Communicating The Truth!
    The best analysis of our present government has been made by a veteran civil servant who has said: "They have a strategy group and a communications group, but the truth is that the Government has no strategy and they do not communicate to each other, let alone to the general public." Let’s hope someone can […]
  • 18/04 - Facing The Music At The Pirate Bay!
    The conclusion of the much anticipated Pirate Bay trial in Sweden yesterday, saw the owners of the company jailed for a year and penalised further, by having to pay a massive amount in compensation to record companies. The whole question of having the right to exchange information on the internet has heated up again. The […]
  • 16/04 - PM In ‘Cleaning’ Mode!
    The funniest quote of the day must come from the Prime Minister, who was holding a special meeting of his cabinet in Glasgow (why Glasgow and how much did that cost?) He said: “I think the most important thing we do is reassure people everything is being done to clean up politics in our country” […]
  • 16/04 - Smile – You Must Be A Terrorist!
    If it was not so ridiculous, it would be risible. Austrian tourists, Klaus Matzka and his son Loris came to visit London – as millions of tourists do every year. The country depends heavily on welcoming visitors and we are blessed with some of the most interesting architecture in the world. Klaus, a 69 year […]
  • 15/04 - Hillsborough 20 Years On
    Today, is the 20th anniversary of the terrible disaster at Hillsborough stadium. Ninety six football fans were killed, just six minutes after the start of an FA cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. Their deaths were caused by the panic that ensued after the terraces became overcrowded. An exit gate had foolishly been opened, […]
  • 15/04 - Police Need A Demonstration!
    Another week and another police officer is suspended after being caught on video at the G20 demonstrations in London. This time, it is for allegedly striking a woman on the leg with his baton and hitting her in the face with his hand after she apparently swore at him. Yesterday, the police from a different […]
  • 14/04 - Politicians Should Blog Off!
    The rather unsavoury allegations this weekend concerning politicians and their unelected special advisors, have demonstrated how low the standards of political campaigning have become in the UK. We have become a nation with ‘personality politicians’ – which seems to be a bit of an irony seeing as we have a prime minister who demonstrates very […]
  • 11/04 - £250 For Just ‘Turning Up’
    Remember the two days of snow we had in February? Yes, they were the days when the buses could not run in London, schools closed for health and safety reasons and many people just stayed at home. Many others, who had a conscience or worked in essential industries, persevered and struggled through the unusual conditions, […]
  • 10/04 - Fuel Prices Flowing Uphill – Again!
    On April 1st, the government increased the price of a litre of fuel by 2p. The increase followed a similar rise at the end of last year and both rises were contrary to the prime minister’s words last summer, when he told the Commons there would be no more increases for at least 12 months. […]
  • 09/04 - Met Police, Mistakes and the Media!
    It has not been a good week for London’s finest. The Metropolitan Police have been in the firing line, twice, in just a few days. Firstly, they have been accused of contributing to the the death of a newspaper seller, who had a heart attack soon after being pushed to the ground, by an officer […]
  • 08/04 - The Difference At McDonalds!
    According to research by the German based, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, male chimpanzees who share the meat they have hunted with a female chimp are able to copulate with their mate twice as much as those that do not share at all. Apparently, meat is an important part of a chimp’s diet and […]
  • 07/04 - More ‘Blues’ For The Home Secretary!
    You really couldn’t make it up Only two weeks ago,Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, was embarrassed by the revelation that her expenses had included compensation for pay-per-view adult films watched by her husband. Yesterday, a link from her department’s Home Office website had to be removed, after it was discovered that it was connected to….wait for […]
  • 06/04 - The Italian Quake.
    The earthquake around the Italian city of L’Aquila has killed over 150 people and made tens of thousands homeless. It is one of those natural disasters that no-one ever believes will happen to them. One minute life is normal and peaceful and the next there is little left. A claim has been made that an […]
  • 05/04 - More MPs Caught Feeding At the Trough
    It is becoming even easier to know when it is Sunday. It has become the day when papers like The Mail On Sunday expose the latest MP who has been caught claiming massive expenses from the public purse. This week, it is former Defence Minister, Geoff Hoon’s turn to perform in the spotlight. He was […]
  • 04/04 - Revealed! – Details of NATO Budget Listening Device
    NATO today released the first picture of its new budget listening device. It is said to be necessary to save the western world from cat…astrophe! We can only hope nobody mouse..takes it for something more sinister. Only time will tell if it is to be the purrr..fect solution!!
  • 03/04 - One Trillion revealed!
    Last night, I was trying to comprehend the size of a trillion. I was having trouble imagining the sheer scale of the $1 trillion package agreed by the G20 leaders at the London summit. It seems I am not alone, as today’s media have spent the day trying to explain the amount in ways we […]
  • 02/04 - Beyond The Summit!
    Well, the G20 summit has finally ended. It has been hailed as a success, with our own Prime Minister saying the measures agreed on, would shorten the recession and save jobs. I have only read the details briefly, but I am still trying to get my head around how many zeros follow the 1 in […]
  • 01/04 - UK Reaches The Summit!
    In case you had not heard, London is now the capital of the world – well only for another day! We have the honour – and expense – of hosting the G20 summit of world leaders. To call it a ‘summit’ sounds very impressive; it is really just an excuse for the ‘club’ to meet […]
  • 31/03 - A Travelling Dilemma!
    I am not really sure what I am allowed to call them anymore, due to my brain failing to keep pace with political correctness. In my earlier years, they were known variously as ‘Gypsies’, ‘travellers’, ‘pikies’ and ‘Romanies’, but I am, of course, talking about the people who choose to live in caravans and travel […]
  • 30/03 - MPs Get A Rise (Not From Pay-Per-View)
    News comes today, that MPs have been awarded a pay rise of 2.33 percent from April 1st.   The annual salary of a member will now increase from £63,291 to £64,766 before they even begin to use their expense allowance, of up to £180,000 per year.   Seems they will be able to to afford to […]
  • 29/03 - Home Secretary Fiddling – Again!
    As red faces go, it must have been almost on fire! Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, has been forced to pay back money claimed on her expenses. Her husband had been watching pay-per-view adult films on a cable TV subscription, paid as part of her controversial second home allowance. Ms.Smith has already been in the spotlight […]
  • 27/03 - Guilty Joke!
    Q. "What do you call a Pakistani cloakroom attendant?" A. "Me hat, me coat." Did the above joke make you chuckle or did it offend you? If you chuckled are you feeling you are racist or are you just amused by jokes that are a simple play on words? If you happen to originate from […]
  • 26/03 - The Seal Club!
    This week saw the start of Canada’s annual commercial seal hunt. It is a disgusting spectacle where up to 280,000 young harp seals are killed for their fur, meat and oil, which is sought for being rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. While the majority of the innocent young are shot, there are still a […]
  • 26/03 - Facebook Terrorists!
    The news this week, that the government want to monitor all the details of one-to-one activity on social networking sites like Facebook, must have come as a major relief to prospective terrorists in the UK. They will now feel safe in the knowledge, that while the security services are drooling over pics of nubile mini-skirted […]
  • 24/03 - Stop Borrowing You Fiscal Fools!
    The Governor of The Bank of England, Mervin King, has publicly stated what anyone with a brain bigger than an ant, has known all along – you cannot spend your way out of trouble! After distributing £20bn of borrowed money on a so-called stimulus package last year, the government have failed to ‘kick start’ a […]
  • 22/03 - Jade’s Tribute From The PM
    Jade Goody has finally passed away and it is sad. It is a huge loss for her immediate family and an even greater tragedy, for her young sons, that she died on Mothering Sunday. What I still do not understand, is why her death warrants a tribute from the prime minister. Thousands of women die […]
  • 22/03 - Focussing on Sir Fred!
    Mention greedy bankers and the name Sir Fred Goodwin automatically comes into the conversation. He is the former boss of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), who was forced to step down with a pension of £693,000 a year. He has become the focus of all that was wrong within the failing banking industry; he was […]
  • 21/03 - Let’s All Get Stoned Together!
    All homosexuals should be stoned to death according to the radical Muslim cleric, Anjem Choudary. I am sure that a large majority of us, who are made up from all sexual and religious persuasions, would rather be stoned – but using a different sort of method from the one being suggested – than listen to […]
  • 19/03 - Are We All April Fools?
    In two weeks time, on April 1st, the price of fuel is set to rise by 2p per litre when the government increase fuel duty. This latest rise will mean that taxes account for a staggering 71p in every pound spent. The tax goes directly into a central government account and is not necessarily used […]
  • 18/03 - Locking The Stable Door!
    The Financial Services Authority (FSA) which is supposed to be the watchdog of the city, has today said that under new guidelines, banks would be facing "intensive supervision"in the future. The FSA’s chairman, Lord Turner, has promised a more intrusive approach which will include new rules to control banks’ bonus policies and monitoring the level […]
  • 18/03 - The Shame Of Unemployment!
    The latest unemployment figure, released today, reveals that 2.03 million people are now without work in the UK. The prime minister said in the Commons, it was a "matter of personal regret for me and for the whole government". There are at least 2.03 million people who will see it not as a matter of […]
  • 17/03 - The Pope Should Abstain In Africa!
    Africa is fighting a losing battle against the spread of the HIV virus and Aids. Common sense would suggest that protective contraception would immediately help to stop the spread of the pandemic, which is ravaging the continent. However, according to Pope Benedict XVI, who is on his first papal visit to Africa: “You can’t resolve […]
  • 17/03 - The Cost Of Learning Is Too High!
    Universities in England and Wales want to double the cost of tuition fees, when the present system of charging is reviewed this year. It could mean that tomorrow’s graduates, who do not come from wealthy families or who are not subsidised by educational grants for the reason they come from low income families, might still […]
  • 16/03 - True Leaders Of Men!
    I have just been watching a recording of a speech given by US President, Barack Obama, decrying the greed of bankers and I was amused by the differences between the president and our own esteemed prime minister. Obama looks like a leader, speaks like a leader and has the charisma of a leader. Gordon Brown […]
  • 16/03 - Return Of The Bogey Man!!
    The Bogey Man is back! According to official sources, an audio tape sent to various Islamist radio stations last week, could be that of the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. The voice on the tape calls for a jihad (holy struggle) against Israel, using the theory that the influence of the US in […]
  • 12/03 - Another Piece Of The Real Truth!
    The long awaited release of documentation, requested under The Freedom Of Information Act, has revealed a memo that states we were never under "imminent danger of attack" from Iraq’s former leader, Saddam Hussein. Our own former leader, Tony Blair, had used the excuse of weapons of mass destruction being released against us within 45 minutes, […]
  • 12/03 - Protecting The Monkey!
    A report by Lord Laming has concluded that a higher priority must be given to protecting vulnerable children. It is only surprising it has taken until now for that fact to be recognised! Also this week, ageing superstar, Michael Jackson, has been in London announcing his series of concerts at the O2 in the summer. […]
  • 11/03 - Pit Stop For A Privacy Law
    Max Mosley, the motorsport boss who was named by a red top Sunday newspaper for taking part in privately run sadomasochistic activities, has claimed the experience of the unwanted publicity, has robbed him of his dignity. Speaking to members of the Commons Culture Select Committee, he is reported to have said he had been "shocked, […]
  • 11/03 - To Live Or Let Die – A Very Catholic Problem!
    A nine year old Brazilian girl has had an abortion after being raped by her step-father. Her doctors warned her mother, when the child was four months pregnant with twins, that her uteris was too small to hold the twin babies and she would almost certainly die if the pregnancy was not terminated immediately. The […]
  • 10/03 - Another Killing By ‘Terrorists’ In N.I.
    Following on from the weekend shooting of the two soldiers in Northern Ireland, comes another killing, by another group, claiming to be a splinter from the old IRA. This time, it was a 48 year old police officer responding to a woman’s call for help who was shot dead. There will probably be even more […]
  • 09/03 - Time For Northern Ireland To Show Unity!
    The death, at the weekend, of two young soldiers in Northern Ireland, has brought back the blackest of memories to those of us who lived through the worst of the troubles. The last few years have seen a major re-birth in the province and those who live there have finally been able to shrug off […]
  • 09/03 - The Vatican In A Spin
    The Vatican newspaper has shown it has its finger firmly on the pulse of history, for it has announced that the one thing that has liberated women throughout the 20th century was the invention of the washing machine. How it has come to this startling conclusion one can only guess,but maybe they are thinking that […]
  • 08/03 - Earlier Posts
    For posts earlier than this one, please transfer via the link to my Livejournal page….. Just A Thought!

2007 (2)

  • 11/04 - Blame Tennis!
    After the governments rapid U-turn which placed a ban on our forces personnel from selling their stories to the media, it was less than surprising to find that Ministers were yesterday playing ‘blame tennis’ over who was responsible for the original decision. No-one would come forward to comment to the media and press officers were […]
  • 10/04 - Hostage To A Fortune!
    If the lucrative televised interview between Leading Seaman Faye Turney and Sir Trevor McDonald illustrated anything last evening, it is the total lack of judgement of all those involved. Whether it be the navy, the Ministry of Defence, the government spin machine, Faye Turney or indeed the executives at ITV, it seems it has backfired […]
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