Terrorism Is Wrong – But So Are Our Politicians…

Saturday night’s indiscriminate terrorist attack in the area of one of London’s most famous bridges has rightly shocked us all. The realisation that any of us could be mowed down by a passing van or be stabbed while enjoying a drink or a meal with friends or loved ones, is truly terrifying. But, of course, […]

Brexit – The Road To Hell

may signing Brexit letter

Imagine a packed coach hurtling along a motorway. The driver is reluctantly wearing a blindfold and her hands are removed from the steering wheel. Fifty-two percent of the passengers are screaming at her to go faster and forty-eight percent are begging her to slow down and proceed with caution. “Why is she doing this” they […]

Our NHS Needs Intensive care

NHS Thoughts Allowed

It isn’t often I get angry watching a programme on TV but last night was one of those occasions. BBC2’s new documentary series ‘Hospital’ following a week in the life of St Mary’s Hospital in London, was both riveting and deeply distressing. It was even more distressing after hearing prime minister Theresa May’s earlier criticism […]

Is It Exit For Brexit?

Brexit cabinet

Almost three months have passed since the shock result of the Brexit referendum. Since that day in June, David Cameron has left office and his highly regarded Home Secretary, Theresa May, has moved into Number 10 – becoming only the second woman Prime Minister to lead a UK government. One of her first jobs was […]