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Is It Exit For Brexit?

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Almost three months have passed since the shock result of the Brexit referendum. Since that day in June, David Cameron has left office and his highly regarded Home Secretary, Theresa May, has moved into Number 10 – becoming only the second woman Prime Minister to lead a UK government. One of her first jobs was to form a new cabinet. She did this with precision and a certain amount of mischief. The three leading architects of the Brexit movement were immediately tasked with drafting Britain’s exit from (and future out…read more

Blair Wars – It’s A Messy Business

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War is a messy business: it rarely has winners. To lead a country to war is an action that should only be taken when there is genuine fear of being attacked. It should, therefore, be a defensive action – to do otherwise is nothing but aggression. At its most basic, this was the simple premise facing Sir John Chilcot and his team in their official inquiry into the 2003 Iraq War. Were there reasonable grounds for the UK government, led by Tony Blair, to order military action against Saddam Hussein?…read more

I’d Like To Say I Know – Brexit

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I’d like to say I know what’s going on in the country, but I don’t. I’d like to say I feel secure, but I don’t. I’d like to say I’m feeling positive but I’m not! The remarkable events of the last week have turned everything topsy turvy and the lunatics appear to be running amok through the corridors of Westminster. I didn’t react immediately to the narrow referendum win in favour of Brexit because I couldn’t: I was in shock! It felt like the identity that has cloaked me for…read more

Is It Time To Be Counted?

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In a little over twelve hours, polling stations will open across the UK. Within their walls we will cast our votes to either open, or close, the doors on Britain’s relationship with mainland Europe. However, the quality of the arguments presented by Leave and Remain campaigners has changed little since the campaigning started. Last night’s televised debate from Wembley, in front of an audience of thousands, failed to shed any new light on either the reason we should ‘Brexit’ or ‘Remain’. It was, once again, more about the egos and…read more

Europe – Making Your Mind Up!

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I haven’t written anything for over a year. Don’t ask me why, as I love writing and emptying my head to the world. My last post was all about the lead up to the General Election of May 2015. It turned into an event resembling a circus and was fought using blame, fear, accusations and excuses. The electorate seemed confused then, and nothing much has changed since. A year on, we are about to vote on what is potentially the most important decision we could face as a country. Do…read more

Election – Is It Just A Gameshow Called ‘Democracy’?

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Just in case you’ve been away for the last couple of months and have returned to find an atmosphere of apathy sweeping our nation, I can reveal that today is the day of our much hyped General Election. By placing a small ‘x’ next to the name of someone you have probably never met – and probably never will – you will be participating in the greatest game show UK TV has ever produced. It’s called ‘Democracy’ but is better known as ‘We Can All Elect A New Government!’ The…read more

“We want to have good people doing the job and they need to be paid fairly. Now, that’s not paid in excess but it’s not being paid a miserly amount either.”

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All of us are operating in a very, very longstanding tax regime which was set up for various reasons that don’t necessarily make sense to me or anyone else. But they are the way the global tax regime works.

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Chris Huhne Speeding To A Prison Cell

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Yesterday, ex-senior politician Chris Huhne and his charmingly vengeful ex-wife, Vicky Pryce, were finally sentenced to a term in prison; it seems very unlikely they will be sharing a cell. What started off as a simple motoring offence, ten years ago, led to public humiliation, the further break up of a family, and a cost to the taxpayer of tens of thousands of pounds in court fees and a police investigation that led to the Huhnes eventually being charged with a more serious offence. I find it hard to feel…read more