Covid-19 The Virus We Never Saw Coming

Three years on from my last post and I feel the need to be back. Why? It’s because the world is facing its biggest crisis in several generations. Whatever the end result, it is going to affect the way we think of our own longevity and attitudes to others in the future.

Since I last posted we have a new government in the UK, and Brexit has finally occurred. However, both of those events which have occupied our minds over the last four years have been overshadowed by a Coronavirus known as Covid-19

Ironically, leaving Europe has happened at a time when we most need the support and collective ideas and science of our closest neighbours.

Covid-19 has demonstrated that our government’s promise of ‘taking back control’ with protected borders provides no barrier to this insidious virus. The death toll across the world has been almost incomprehensible in an age where it cannot be directly attributable to a war.

The reality, however, is that we are at war – a new kind of war. We are not fighting a physical form we can see and understand; we are battling with an invisible enemy that permeates the very air we breathe.

There are many theories how this epidemic started but blame is meaningless when we should be concentrating all our efforts in getting through the next few months. Facts are scarce and advice from ‘experts’ is changing by the hour.

One thing is clear and that is we should self isolate.The elderly or those with underlying health problems should not go out for the next three months.

Our government seems to give differing advice on a daily basis as it struggles to keep up with a rising death rate, while many of the general public are still failing to take the risks seriously.

Inevitably, we are seeing the best and the worst of human nature displaying itself to both the benefit and detriment of others.

All of us are probably suffering from confusion and shock about the virus itself and how we can change our daily lives to make it through this terrible time. How will we cope with self isolation and the closure of shops and leisure facilities? What should we do if we are feeling ill, and if we are, how do we know if it is coronavirus or just a cold?

It takes me a while to sort out the jumble of information in my head to make some sense I can understand but I shall try my best to put it down in writing. Unless, of course…..

In the meantime, keep a MINIMUM of two metres from others and don’t go out unless it is really necessary.

Most importantly…DON’T TAKE RISKS!