Hillsborough 20 Years On

Today, is the 20th anniversary of the terrible disaster at Hillsborough stadium. Ninety six football fans were killed, just six minutes after the start of an FA cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

Their deaths were caused by the panic that ensued after the terraces became overcrowded. An exit gate had foolishly been opened, allowing even more supporters to enter the area. The solid barriers by the pitch meant there was no escape for those at the front and they were crushed to death.

The police have been severely criticised for their handling of crowd control and many families of the deceased feel that justice has still not been achieved.

We can only hope, that the lessons learned from the disaster, will never be forgotten and such an incident is not permitted to happen again.

  • Sugar-Lips

    This is awful…lets hope nothing like it does not happen again…you would think a lesson would be learned from it


    Thanks for reminder.
    I have seen that happening a few years back, on a tv channel.

  • Sensual Kiss

    96? that is a lot of people, bad enough just being 1 and i do think it could have been avoided it did’nt have to happen but sadly it did. It is sad for the relatives especially when you are reminded of an aneversary how you lost a loved one.