If Only All Election Candidates Were As Good….!

To borrow a catchphrase from the ‘old school’ entertainer, Max Bygraves:

“I wanna tell you a story”
(those under the age of 45 should click the link! LOL)

On the day of the Liberal Democrats manifesto launch, I wrote a post about party leader, Nick Clegg and how I was impressed by what he had said and the way he had presented the party.

The following morning, I received a written comment from Keith Nevols thanking me for the kind words and introducing himself as my local Lib Dem candidate.

I could not resist the opportunity to have an impish dig at the fact I had not had any election literature from him and that he was a full week behind both the Conservatives and Labour.

Within two hours, he replied, telling me he had contacted the Lib Dem regional office and his literature would be delivered to my house in the next few days. He also promised to email me an electronic copy of the flyer he was using while canvassing. He apologised for not having been to my area yet and provided contact details should I need to ask him something specific.

That evening was the live TV leader’s debate and Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader, did very well.

At quarter to midnight I received an email with the promised literature from Keith.

Now that is the kind of service we should all be getting from those who are campaigning in this election. Keith has shown he listens, he cares and he keeps his word.

Well done and thank you Keith….I owe you one!!

If all Lib Dems are as proactive as my local candidate, they deserve a chance at the top table.

I hope Keith will have the success to be able to use another of Mr Bygraves catchphrases on May 6th:

“I’ve arrived – and to prove it, I’m here!”

To read Keith’s blog click here.

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  • stevensumner

    hi. Just an observation you have backed labour, put them down. gave good points about tories but soon put them down. you had a go at lib dems but now seem to be licking the arse of them its obvious they will win your vote. should the lib dem win i wonder how long it shall be before you change your mind and start attacking them for mistakes. seeing is believing we all know that its proof of the pudding. speech is far less convincing. while its a crucial time for all the partys. the partys are working hard to win victory. its no suprise you got feedback so soon from lib dem. so if labour or tories were late delivering your leaflet i am sure you would get the same service you got from lib dems and they shall be just as quick to reply as keith was in responce to you. ask any party now for feedback and guarantee again they shall be just as quick to respond as keith did to win your vote.

  • Westerly21

    Hi Steven and thanks for your comment.
    It seems you have missed the point as you have accused me of supporting one party and then 'putting them down' etc etc.
    If you read more closely, I am not a supporter of any party and – unlike you seem to be – completely open minded and free to comment as I see it.
    There are many millions, like me, who are undecided who to vote for and underwhelmed by the claims being made by the main parties and the 'head in the sand' attitudes being shown to the present problems.
    I have commented on the Lib Dem candidate because he took the effort to make contact. If the Con or Labour candidates had done the same I would be writing about them too – but they have not!
    Keith found my blog after reading a post about Clegg. When I wrote about the Labour candidate last week, she did not. It seems the difference is he is looking and she isn't.
    Luckily, in our free society, we have the gift of being able to have differing views and still be sociable!
    Hope your weekend is a sunny one and free from volcanic fallout!

  • stevensumner

    are you denying that you said and i quote “ Just when I thought I would have trouble knowing who to vote for, I now have at least a glimmer of hope” ? to your post Liberal Democrats – The 'Lifeboat' In A Sea Of Falsehood? just because keith blogs and found your post and responded you seem all for his party. of course its your choice we all have one. to be fair not all the other partys probably dont blog. and i quote again refering to cameron. “ While it certainly sounds like the kind of person we should be electing into the role of prime minister – a leader – David Cameron he certainly is not! ” to your post The 'Irony' In A Labour Poster!. but had one of camerons leaders had found your blog and responded in the same way i am saying you would be giving him praise. i read your post on labour and you was attacking one of the leaders not gordan brown. but like i said not everyone blogs and i didnt till today when i found i had to have a blog to reply to some of you peoples blogs. i can certainly tell you i shall not be voting labour they have got in to many times and stuffed up since they got in. i do however hope to see someone else be given the chance but its proof of the pudding and till cameron has been given a chance you have no right to put him down and till lib dem have been given a chance we dont have a right to put them down either labour has had the chance and f***ed up ever since. my main point westerly21 is you cannot assume a leader based on a personal reply to yourself. you may well have been one of the lucky few that got your points answered. “PROOF OF THE PUDDING” is what we need to see to have some faith. they need to make what they say real not be all talk no action and do the opposite as labour has shown us for many years. surly you can agree labour have been all talk no action and done the oppisite and messed up the economy?

  • Westerly21

    Hi again Steven
    I am not denying anything and neither am I decided who to vote for yet. You are correct that if one of the other parties demonstrated the same actions as the Lib Dem candidate then I would have praised them too. Sadly, they did not but I call it as it happens. I consider myself fair in my opinions just as I respect your right to challenge them and disagree.
    None of the parties has the complete solution to anything. Everything I have said this week has been based on the three main manifestos released.
    My comments about Clegg becoming leader were based on his manifesto and not on his personality; they made the most sense and were well argued.
    As for: 'my main point westerly21 is you cannot assume a leader based on a personal reply to yourself' you are correct and I have not. I have merely commented that at the moment the Lib Dems have had (for me) the best manifesto and shown the best performance. I am sure I will be 'attacking' him soon as well, so keep reading.
    As for they all deserve a chance…only one party can win the election and we have two weeks to make the right choice. Opinions will be changing daily and so will my posts!
    Unlike you, I even have an open mind about Labour so we shall see!!
    Thanx again.

  • stevensumner

    thanks westerly21 for your imput but i have merely mentioned that you seemed to be all for a party where you got a email response. i am glad for you that keith came across your blog and responded to you but if you read back your post you do make it sound like you will vote lib dem purely based on your swift reply from them and for a minute in to reading your post it seemed to have taken over your head. again i am merely stating that either lib dems or conservatives do need to be in power and given the chance to deliver what they say for me or anyone to believe what comes out of their mouth. i could tell you ill give you a billion pounds but you wont belive it neither will you be at ease until its been delivered. only when its been delivered can you trust. ill say this again its proof of the pudding that shows possitive results and less doubt. its proof of the pudding that eases a lot of things and there is to much talking s***t in this world and so far labour has spoken enough of it. eventually we get bored of waiting around on things that never happen they say will be, and we get let down. i feel let down by labour. i would like anyone to be given a chance other than labour now as labour fail to deliver what they say they will and as far as i am concerned labour will only continue to talk a load of s**t as they are doing now to try and win again. as for saying i am not open minded i dont think you are in a fair possition to say that over politics i have however taken the time to read through your other blogs and yes you do give fair points. I would like to see either lib dems or another party in power to deliver and prove to me us “proof of the pudding” what they say. but rest assured my point to your post was the way i read your blog was you seemed all for a party that responded to you. but i would like to see what they say be delivered not wait more time and be fed a cock and bull story to cover up there delay that will not happen if you say your going to do something do it and dont mess with the nation. if we didnt work they cant tax us and we cant make them rich. whatever party gets in i hope they give us back our freedom and stop spying on the innocent and concentrate on education bring back the troops and stop putting fear everywhere and more but be fair where crime comes in to it .