The ‘Irony’ In A Labour Poster!

Labour poster.jpg

Just as I feared, Labour have now swallowed the bait from the Conservatives and are following them into an election campaign based on personalities rather than politics.

The party PR machine has launched the above poster depicting David Cameron in the role of a fictional TV detective based in the 1980’s.

Detective Gene Hunt is a straight talking, no-nonsense, politically incorrect ‘copper’ with old fashioned values, who would bend the rules to get a result.

While it certainly sounds like the kind of person we should be electing into the role of prime minister – a leader – David Cameron he certainly is not!

The irony is, there’s always a danger some voters (Sun readers probably) might actually believe the portrayal and vote for Cameron.

We would then need a decent copper to investigate Gordon Brown’s political suicide!

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  • Anonymous

    can you explain to me how you can say cameron will mess things up for everyone when he has not been given the chace in power to prove himself when all we have seen is brown mess things up after blair? i am only a young lass and only know labour has won power so many times no one else has had the chance.

  • Westerly21

    Tell me one of his policies then.

    In fact tell me one of Brown's.

    I am not speaking in favour of either party but I would prefer to hear something solid about what they are going to do than something destructive about what they are.

    Beware the smoke and mirrors!!

  • Anonymous

    labour has been in power for years and years. no other party has stood in in my 19 years of life and had the chance to make a difference. or am i wrong? major said convincing stuff that turned into lies as did blair and even brown talks out of his rear end and basically makes things worse. have you forgotten all the claim expenses that went on? so far they have all said one thing and go and do the opposite. cameron has spoken of banishing the mistakes brown has caused without more tax increases. of course they are just words till he has proved his intended actions. but if he cant be given a chance or anyone else how can you judge? whoever wins it will only get worse at the end of the day its about money and ripping the arse of people so they can live a life of luxury but in the process screw us and flush our country down the pan. whatever party wins i cannot see a happy result for the world although labour are ahead in the votes as it stands so i can only imagine they shall be successful again.

  • Westerly21

    Labour has been in power for 'years and years' because the great British public voted them in.
    During their 'reign' there had been worldwide prosperity and it suited the self interest of people to be apathetic and accept the good (on credit) lifestyles they were enjoying.
    As for the expenses scandal, it is worth remembering that it is MPs of ALL parties who were dipping their snouts into the trough, so nobody can take credit there!
    At the end of the day, who gets in is dependent on the voting public. Many will just not be bothered to go to the polls on May 6th.
    However, in my opinion, if that is what they do, then they will have no right to criticise whoever gets into power.
    Use your unique opportunity to vote wisely!!