Are We All April Fools?

In two weeks time, on April 1st, the price of fuel is set to rise by 2p per litre when the government increase fuel duty.

This latest rise will mean that taxes account for a staggering 71p in every pound spent. The tax goes directly into a central government account and is not necessarily used to improve motoring conditions but instead, can be allocated for anything from running the NHS to increasing MPs expenses.

On July 16th 2008, the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, promised the nation that he would not increase fuel duty for a whole year. He then broke that promise in December 2008 when he activated a 2p rise, saying it was needed to balance the books, after he had implemented his rushed decision to reduce VAT to 15 percent.

The media have been unusually quiet in passing on this piece of information to the country and it has been left to organisations like Petrol Prices. com to highlight the government’s deception.

April 1st is April Fool’s Day. It seems that Gordon Brown is, once again, trying to make fools of us all!