Beware The Ninjas Gordon!!

The Ninjas are busy ironing their best black pyjamas and sharpening the points of their knives.

While PM Gordon Brown hops from foot to foot on You Tube, looking like an epileptic on steroids, his trusted cabinet colleagues are busy plotting.

Last week, Communities Secretary, Hazel Blears, openly stated that her boss had led a “lamentable” failure of the government to communicate with the voters – apparently she had not watched his performance on You Tube. Of course, Ms Blears is as likely to become PM as I am to become Miss World – or come to think of it I am as likely to become PM as she is to become Miss World! Either way, she is just mischief making, to try to sow the seeds of a leadership election.

Similarly, Harriet Harman, deputy Labour leader has publicly stated she does not want to be Prime Minister. Of course, what she really means is that she would love to be but she fears getting killed in the rush by her rivals in the cabinet.

At times like these, it is not the ones who speak out openly but the ones who are lying silent in wait that need to be feared.

Foreign Secretary, David Milliband, is one of those, who I am sure has spent many an hour in front of his bathroom mirror practising his smug, insincere grin in readiness to strike with a deathly blow. He would have liked to have dealt it last year, at the party conference but was effectively sidelined from the spotlight. And there are others….

If ever I were tempted to feel sorry for a politician – which I am not – I would be feeling something for Gordon now. He must spend sleepless nights with the lights on watching for shadows as the Ninjas get ever closer!

Nice people to do business with!

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