Cameron Is A Complete Tw*t

If I ever had any doubts about the Opposition Leader, David Cameron’s ability to lead this country after the next general election, they were confirmed today.

As a guest on a networked radio show he ‘inadvertantly’ used swear words and has since made a carefully crafted ‘apology’

Explaining why he does not use social networking site Twitter he said:

“Too many twits might make a twat”

then, talking about the impact of the expenses scandal on MPs’ reputations, he said:

“The public are rightly pissed off – sorry I can’t say that in the morning – angry with politicians.”

His aides say he did not go on the programme with the intention of swearing. However, someone with Cameron’s slick PR background does not easily make a ‘mistake’ such as the one today.

I can only assume he was trying to court publicity by trying to appear hip to the younger voters in the UK.

Instead, what he has shown today, is that he is not hip but hype.

He has chosen to promote himself to the public based on what he thinks will be popular and ‘cool’ rather than what he really is.

This country is in a mess and we need a true leader with conviction and policies – not a Chameleon – to guide us back into better times.

I am not easily offended by swearing so I will be honest and admit I think he has been a complete twat!

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