Confession of an Olympics Addict

OK, I have a confession to make. Over the last 10 days I have become an addict of the evening Olympics coverage on BBC.

I was, previously, very vocal in my reservations concerning the benefits of hosting the Games, but I am now completely caught up in the daily routine of checking the medals table for yet another glimmer of gold or silver.

Our athletes have been a joy to watch and have excelled across so many differing sports. The stadium looks fantastic – apart from the rather weird purple colour separating the tiers of seating. The scheduling of the events has been a masterpiece of planning with most taking place dead on time, while even the weirdness of the Opening Ceremony seems to have passed without too many confused questions being asked from lands afar.

There are things, however, I haven’t liked: the stupid microphones worn by BBC presenters; the suppressed atmospheric sounds from the crowds in the stadium and the rather austerity pleasing mini posies of flowers presented to the medallists at the podium.

The London 2012 circus is pretty much guaranteed to be declared a success when it eventually leaves town. You can almost hear the shuffling of feet as various political factions jostle to claim credit for such a success.

However, it should be remembered that it was politicians of all parties who helped to win us the chance to both host and stage the Olympics in London. It is those same politicians who now have a responsibility to the whole of the UK, in making sure that the legacy, in both buildings and athletic excellence, is carried forward for the future success of our children and country.

Cutting the education budgets affecting healthy eating and school sports facilities is not the way to go.

Every UK taxpayer has invested £400 into this showcase of Olympic fitness and excellence. We must make sure this investment does not become just more money squandered on the egos of the few.