Edward Woodward – ‘That’s a Wrap!’

You know when you are getting older – the ‘stars’ you have always watched on-screen start to disappear.

Today, it was the turn of the great actor, Edward Woodward, who died at the age of 79.

I first watched him in the TV series Callan and was mesmerised by his clipped speech, which although was meant to sound posh, still had a touch of the ‘common’ in it. He had a unique ability to make his characters sound classy but with a hidden menace.

Younger fans will remember him for his starring role in the US series The Equaliser where he played a hitman (during the filming of one series he suffered a heart attack).

He never made it to the lofty status of acting’s hierarchy by becoming a ‘Lord’ or a ‘Sir’ but he was as good as any of them and was never too serious about his fame.

I shall, like many others, miss him.

As they say in the movies… “That’s a wrap”

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