Feel The Lurve And Dream The Dream It’s Election Time In The UK!

The starter has finally fired the gun and the race is officially on to be first over the doorway of No10

Yep, there is going to be a ballot on May 6th

Gordon Brown has been to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace, to ask her permission to disband parliament so campaigning can begin (I wonder what would happen if she had said no) and while almost a quarter of the present inmates in the Palace of Westminster will be ‘retiring’ (many were given no choice after their creative accounting practices), the rest will be wearing out the shoe leather and knocking on doors around the country canvassing for votes

There’ll be hardly a baby, pensioner, immigrant, muslim, gay activist, union official or jobseeker (preferably all in one for the great photo opportunity it will present) who will not be courted and able to feel the ‘lurve’ as it is radiated from all those who seek to be elected.

Meanwhile, the ‘Bitchy Fairy’ will be set free to malign and mock any opponent who has the audacity to try to ruin such worthy ambition

Claims and counter claims; promises and denials, we are going to be brainwashed by both the media and aspiring politicians, into thinking everything will be well in the world if we vote for a certain party or candidate

We are even going to be given four and a half hours extra sleep time when the party leaders (although not from all parties) debate ‘live’ on the TV for the first time – I am almost looking forward to the commercial breaks!

Make the most of the next few weeks, for like in all good dreams, we eventually wake up and are faced with reality!

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