Home Secretary Fiddling – Again!

As red faces go, it must have been almost on fire!

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, has been forced to pay back money claimed on her expenses. Her husband had been watching pay-per-view adult films on a cable TV subscription, paid as part of her controversial second home allowance.

Ms.Smith has already been in the spotlight for the dubious method by which she accounts for the claim and this latest news can only add even more fuel to the fire.

Her husband, Richard Timney, works as his wife's Commons adviser and, presumably, is also used as a 'claimable item' from the public purse.

While I would not criticise the right of anyone to watch adult films in the privacy of their own homes, it does seem a bit rich that the husband of the woman responsible with any legislation regarding such a right, is caught with his proverbial pants down.

Maybe it is time for Ms. Smith to get the handcuffs and truncheon out of the playbag!!