Is Local Politics Dying A Slow Death?

With all the hype generated by the national electioneering of the past few weeks, it has been easy to forget that we are also voting to elect our local councils in today’s polling.

Borrowing a theatrical analogy, local politics has become the fringe event at the national festival.

But is that really right? Local issues and the management of its infrastructure affects people just as much – and often more – than national issues. We need strong representation from our locally elected politicians to make certain that the environment surrounding our everyday lives is protected.

I was shocked and more than a little disappointed, today, to discover that there were only four candidates up for election in my local area and they came from only two parties – yes, you have guessed it…..Conservative and Labour.

What sort of choice is that? Why have they been left without competition? Have the other parties that used to take part now just given up the fight or is it that no-one can be bothered to stand as a candidate and try to close the gap against the two heavyweights?

Whatever the reason, it is a sad day for both local politics and democracy as a whole, when we are left with such a lack of alternatives.

A two party political world makes for a very boring world indeed!

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