Is the G-spot a myth?

All those wasted years….from fumbling teenager to inadequate adult I (like many other men) have been searching for the holy grail, only to find it does not really exist.

Just like my disappointment on hearing that Santa is an imaginary figure, that politicians never deliver what they promise, or bankers are just greedy twats, I feel totally deflated.

It seems that a team of scientists at Kings College London have concluded, after an extensive study of over 1,800 British women, that the G-spot is not real.

The magic ‘spot’ that all men have been led to believe is the key to opening the door to any woman’s heart and guarantee they are regarded as the greatest of lovers, turns out to be nothing more than a myth – at least in scientific terms.

However, on thinking about it…. it WAS only 1.800 women and they are all British.

I think to be fully convinced and in the interests of the human race, I should carry on with my personal research until I find the definitive answer.

After all….do scientists do sex?

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