It’s ‘Butter’ To Reduce The Prices!

One of the UK’s leading heart surgeons has called for a ban on butter and some high fat foods, in an attempt to halt the rise in coronary disease and its related problems.

Oh that life were so simple.

The fact is, the things that are bad for us are often the very things we can all afford (and they taste just as good).

After all, despite the adverts and claims of the cholesterol reducing alternatives, it is highly unlikely that many people can afford the high prices that such ‘goodness’ will cost.

A tub of ‘healthy’ stuff to spread on our sarnies is almost four times the cost of that of its ‘unhealthier’ alternative.

Unless the government introduces measures to make the healthy alternatives affordable to all, it is unlikely that a ban on butter alone will make any difference.

In the long term, though,the cost to the health service is far greater than any of us can afford!