It’s So ‘Transparent’ They Think We Can’t See Through It!

With what has turned out to be rather bizarre timing, the government announced on Tuesday, their plans for a broadband tax on phone lines in the UK, to guarantee all of us are able to surf the internet at the highest possible speeds.

Today, the Commons authorities have published over a million documents on the internet relating to the expenses claimed by our politicians over the past four years.

According to the Prime Minister:

“My principle in this is the maximum transparency – it’s got to be consistent of course with security but I think people have got to be as transparent as possible”

The released documents are so “transparent” that most of the interesting detail has been blacked out and cannot be read.

Of course, the censored sections have nearly all been revealed by the Daily Telegraph revelations already. So what is the reasoning behind such an action?……’ve guessed it…….security!! That convenient excuse for hiding embarrassing facts, has been brought into play again.

Apparently, it is to protect the politicians from their constituents knowing their home addresses. However, this also makes it difficult to see which politicians have ‘flipped’ their homes over the four year period.

One of the people who brought the original Freedom of Information request targeting MP’s expenses summed it up thus:

“I can see that avoiding embarrassment has been the key motivating factor of what’s been deleted”

It makes me wonder, how much of the proposed super fast broadband will be conveniently blacked out when ‘transparency’ proves it could be embarrassing!

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