Michael Foot – A Lost Era!

It was with a great deal of sadness that I heard the news of the death of Michael Foot, a left-wing Labour party leader from an era when politicians had integrity and conviction and not the false facade of media training courses and spin.

Mr Foot always reminded me of a crazy mad scientist with his casual manner of dress and his long silverish hair. He was as far removed from today’s politicians as you could possibly be.

Whatever you thought of his political views – and to some he was almost seen as the devil – you could never ignore his speeches or his forceful arguments. He was simply a brilliant orator.

Sadly, his tenure as leader of his party came at a time of warring ideology and personalities and he led it into its worst election defeat ever. However, he made an impression on me that, unlike that of today’s politicians, is hard to forget.

He was an honest man with idealistic views.

You would be hard pressed to name many of those in twenty years time. Oh for the good old days!

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