Minister Suspended For ‘Sloppy Accounting’

When was the last time you made the ‘mistake’ of forgetting you had paid off your mortgage? To most sane people it would sound ridiculous.

Not so, apparently, to ex-Labour minister Elliot Morley, who has been exposed by the Telegraph as yet another greedy MP fleecing the public purse with his expenses.

He has claimed a staggering £16,000 on a mortgage he was no longer paying and the best bit…he says he had not even realised!

Like many before him, he is saying the claim had been a “mistake” and it was due to “sloppy accounting” on his part.

Unfortunately, unlike many of his colleagues, he will not be able to use the excuse he has done nothing wrong and was just obeying the rules.

After suspending him from the Parliamentary Labour Party, his boss, prime minister, Gordon Brown, stated:

“If there are any other disciplinary cases where we have to take action we will take action immediately.”

We can only hope the action taken, will be to call in the police to investigate what appears to be a ‘mistake’ of the fraudulent type and that Mr Morley will not experience such ‘sloppy accounting’ when the judge passes sentence!

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