More ‘Blues’ For The Home Secretary!

You really couldn’t make it up

Only two weeks ago,Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, was embarrassed by the revelation that her expenses had included compensation for pay-per-view adult films watched by her husband.

Yesterday, a link from her department’s Home Office website had to be removed, after it was discovered that it was connected to….wait for it…..a porn site!!

The discovery was made by a journalist who was trying to unearth more about the regulations which come into force today, obliging internet service providers to record details of emails and internet phone calls. He contacted the BBC.

The Home Office said the original link had been taken over by a new company.

It does, however, pose a more serious question. If the Home Office cannot keep track of a simple link on their own website, how are they going to be able to keep track of all the personal details in their databases, associated with the proposed introduction of identity cards?

In the words of one of the Home Secretary’s predecessors , is the Home Office really “fit for purpose”?