MPs Expenses – One Even Suggests A Rise!

It’s five days since I last posted on here and despite North Korea setting off underground nuclear explosions, petrol prices rising again, paedophiles in Portugal and Peter and Katie still being apart, one story is still managing to cling onto the headlines after a staggering twenty plus days – MPs expenses!

Even the media’s hysteria over Swine Flu has fallen to the back of the news queue despite the number of cases in the UK now standing at 150 or more.

My own MP, Derek Wyatt, (he claimed for pork pies among other things) has announced to the local press that he and his colleagues would be happy to give up their claims to expenses – but only if they are given a considerable rise. He claims they are fine upstanding citizens who should be recognised as senior members of society by being paid as ‘chief executives’ of the communities they represent – but where in most cases they fail to live.

He had a massive majority of….just 79… at the last election, so I would imagine he could well be regretting his arrogance when his disenchanted voters tell him in no uncertain terms what he is really worth!

Let’s hope he had the foresight to put away some of the money he claimed while he was just ‘following the rules’

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