My Voting Dilemma!

With just three days to go before we all (well those that can be bothered anyway) cast our crosses on the ballot sheets, I am, for the first time in my voting life, facing a major dilemma.

Who the hell do I support?

I have an irritating sense of sympathy for Gordon Brown of the type I would feel when confronted with a socially challenged child.

I have an irritation of the sort usually soothed by a liberal dose of haemorrhoid cream, for David Cameron and his smug, overly confident sidekicks.

I have a growing admiration for Nick Clegg in the way he has upstaged his two main rivals during what appeared to be a political version of The X Factor -but I have serious doubts about his party’s ability to govern.

I gave up any thoughts towards UKIP after it’s then leader, Nigel Farrage showed his total arrogance and lack of diplomatic skill during his recent brutal attack on the EU President.

I feel nothing at all towards the National Front errr sorry British National Party, other than the contempt I feel towards all self serving bigots.

As for the rest …… well we all need a good laugh now and again!

I just hope I can find the answer before the close of the polling centres on Thursday evening but somehow, I think I am going to be feeling this unsettled for months or possibly even years to come!

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