Paramedic Struck Off After Oral Sex!

A much needed paramedic who was caught during the act of being given oral sex in the car park of a hospital, was today struck off the register.

The chair of the disciplinary panel hearing his case said the act would:

“offend the morals of any right-thinking member of the public”

Had the 53 year old paramedic been spotted by a member of the public the comment might hold some truth but he was not. He might as well have been accused of offending Martians, for it was 11pm at night and he was spotted by security officers who watched his actions on their CCTV cameras.

Describing the incident, they said it looked like “a performance of oral sex” as the woman’s head moved up and down in the man’s lap.

Hardly a damning indictment but then I am sure they spent some considerable time adjusting their ‘controls’ before confronting the guilty parties.

It’s good to know that yet another ‘spy’ camera has been put to such good use to protect us all against the threat of a serious crime by consenting adults.

Meanwhile, I wonder if the morally upright chair of the tribunal would have refused the paramedic giving him treatment in the event he was to suffer a serious health failure….me thinks not!!

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