Poor Wee Scotland …. It’s truly Offal!!

Just when we English were thinking things were ‘at peace’ with our neighbours north of the border it seems we might be about to upset them again.

After years of controversy over the ‘plundering’ of North Sea Oil and decades of arguing over self rule for the wet, windy, mountainous and I might add very hospitable and beautiful country, a historian claims to have discovered that the Scottish National Dish, Haggis, was not invented by the Scots!

Instead, Catherine Brown, has found a reference to it in a 1615 English book. That’s a clear 200 years before any mention of it in Scotland.

However, former world champion haggis maker, Robert Patrick, disagrees:

“Anything that’s to do with Scotland, everybody wants to get a part of.

We’ve nurtured the thing for all these years, we’ve developed it, so I think very much it is a Scottish product”

Still, one good thing to come out of it ….they might soon be advertising for skilled bricklayers to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall……cue the Pipers!!

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