Prince Harry Has A Bottom

Prince Harry has a bottom.

Yes, I know you probably hadn’t realised it until today. That’s because the British press were asked not to publish any details about his bottom, in case it invaded his privacy.

Thankfully, the Sun newspaper has since decided we have the right to know all about the royal bottom, and they have printed a picture of it for all to see. They probably won’t be getting invited to share the fun on royal jollies anymore, though.

Of course, millions of people with an internet connection have already had access to Harry’s bottom. Pictures of him partying naked in Las Vegas have gone global. It was only in dear ‘ole blighty that Palace officials thought it was too delicate a sight for his subjects to see.

As far as bottoms go, it seems to be quite a normal one. I would almost go so far as to say if he had found the right dress size, he could probably have been a stand-in for Pippa Middleton at his brother’s wedding, in the big church, last year.

Royal bottoms are not that new. The late Princess Margaret was said to have had one too, and was rumoured to have aired it during several parties held at her holiday chalet on the small West Indian island of Mustique.

What is really surprising, is that the Palace officials based in Buck House have concentrated more on prevention of pictures of Harry’s bottom leaking, than they have on questions like:

  • What were his protection officers wearing at the party?
  • Who was the naked girl?
  • How could someone have concealed a camera when they had no pockets?
  • Did Prince Harry mistake the meaning of the photographer saying “I could use a flash”

In case, like me, you refuse to part with hard earned cash for a copy of the Sun, you can improve your knowledge of the royal form by reaching the website of the original publisher of the pics here.

I was going to post the pic for you on here, but didn’t fancy a ‘holiday’ at the royal equivalent of GITMOThe Tower of London

It does seem that to be a member of the Royal Family, you don’t have to have a bottom, but… do have to be a bit of an arse!