‘Proper Chips’ Win The Gold Medal From McD’s

Proper Chips

The Olympics is coming; it’s only two weeks away!

Whilst negative stories start to appear in the media about the potential for terrorist attacks, lack of security and the like, it seems to me, the greatest act of terrorism has already been committed!

I always thought the only reason for a host country to put itself through so much unnecessary expense and upheaval is to showcase and promote its culture and way of life to the rest of the world. I was wrong!

A ‘terrorist’ from the Games organising committee has sold the rights to sell chips at all Olympic venues to none other than McDonalds. They are not even British!

McD’s sponsorship of the Games prevents any food retailer, except themselves of course, to be permitted to sell chips – unless it’s served with fish.

The most annoying thing is that McD’s don’t even sell chips; they sell those pathetic little sticks in a bag they call ‘fries’. A proper chip is as thick as a finger and filled with 100 percent potatoe. Having consumed one portion of ‘proper chips’, you feel satisfied for hours.

For as long as I can remember, ‘proper chips’ have been a staple part of our everyday British diet. When I was a child we ate them out of newspapers – until, of course, the Health and Safety police discovered the alleged toxicity of printers’ ink!

Proper chips are an object of infinite culinary beauty and they have been wrongly condemned by health fascists as being harmful to our wellbeing and a major contributor to the obesity of the nation. I say they are wrong.

Proper chips are health giving. They have no artificial flavourings and have great medicinal properties to which McD’s ‘fries’ can only aspire. After all, who in their right mind attempts to soak up a night’s worth of beer with a small bag of ‘fries’?

In addition, ‘proper chips’ are adaptable; they can be consumed either as an accompaniment to other foods, like fish, steak or pies, or as a standalone meal dressed by a condiment, or sauce, of choice.

McD’s fries are, in my humble opinion, just an afterthought to a burger type meal.

For visitors from across the globe to arrive in our country and to be denied the opportunity to sample the world’s finest ‘food in a wrapper’, is a crime.

The Olympics is supposed to be about the world’s greatest. It’s a shame those selling its commercial rights didn’t remember this and negotiate ‘down the chippy’.

McD’s may have The Golden Arches but ‘Proper Chips’ will always take the Gold Medal!


Picture courtesy of FreeFoto