Should I Vote To Swim With Piranhas Or Sharks?

Less than twelve hours to go and I’m still not sure who is going to get my endorsement in this election. It seems I am not alone, however, as opinion polls show that up to 30 percent of those of us eligible to vote, are also still undecided.

To me, it appears to be a choice of no choice: Would I prefer to swim in a pool full of sharks or a pool full of piranhas? Both options are guaranteed be extremely painful but one will leave the skeleton intact while the other leaves it in pieces.

That seems to be the main difference between the Conservatives and Labour. The Conservatives want to remove a big chunk of Britain’s skeleton, while Labour want to nibble away at the edges, leaving as much as possible in place for the future.

In reality, the aims of both are so close, you can hardly place a feeler gauge between their policies. Both campaigns have been more about the personal attacks by their leaders than about the way they intend to run the country. Neither provides a recognisable alternative choice.

Personally, I am hoping for a hung parliament where neither Conservatives nor Labourites are able to claim a true majority. We have had far too many years of large majority governments who claim they have been given a mandate to introduce almost any change they want, without debate, close scrutiny or amendment.

Having to rely on the agreement of a third party, like the Liberal Democrats, would introduce a safety net for democracy and bring some new and original thinking to the Cabinet table.

To achieve that, though, we still have to decide where to place our cross.

Oh well…..back to the drawing board!