Surprise Surprise…It Is Winter And It Is Snowing!!

If you were watching the TV news this evening you would think we were approaching the end of the world.

Shock horror….it has been snowing!

The white stuff has already caused chaos in Northern parts of the country and now there is more panic as it is heads to the capital and into the South East over the next few hours.

Hello…newsflash…. it is winter and this sort of thing happens at this particular time of year!

I grant you that people have short memories and the last few winters have been fairly mild but the snow that has fallen this year is no more than in the average winters I remember from my past.

People living in other countries, where snow is a regular part of their lives, must roll on the floor and wet themselves laughing at how such a small amount of adverse weather can cause such chaos here in the UK.

Lets be positive: kids are getting more time off school to play, workers have a believable excuse for not getting into their workplace and the best bit of all….we do not have to listen to the empty election promises of our political leaders while the cold front takes over the headlines.

See?……it isn’t all bad!!

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