Time For Northern Ireland To Show Unity!

The death, at the weekend, of two young soldiers in Northern Ireland, has brought back the blackest of memories to those of us who lived through the worst of the troubles.

The last few years have seen a major re-birth in the province and those who live there have finally been able to shrug off the uncertainty and the fear under which they lived for so many years. It has always been a lively and friendly place to be and the hospitality of the Irish people was – and still is – second to none.

However, it has always been a country of extreme views with sections from both sides of the community forever rigid in their ideals and hatred – even though they often had no idea why. Distrust was passed on through the generations and intransigence in refusing to compromise over things that were not really that important, was often the norm; it was a country of stalemate.

Thankfully, the stalemate was broken and common ground was finally found.

Some of the extremists have now lost the career they once had and they seek to put themselves back into the full time work that is provided by terrorism. They only win if they can re-kindle the fear that once overshadowed the people of Northern Ireland.

They must not be allowed to succeed. 

The communities from both sides of the province must join together to make sure they stop the cowards who seek to fan the dying embers of the troubles, before the fire is allowed to flare up again!