Troops Patrolling Streets Of UK?…..It Could Soon Happen!

Just when you thought it could not get any worse…it has!

We are already the most surveilled population of almost any country in the world and now it seems our controlling government are paving the way to be able to deploy the armed forces on the streets of Britain.

The news came in a Green Paper published yesterday as part of a strategic defence review. Of course, it uses the same old tired excuse – terrorism!

The report says decisions need to be made on the…

“balance between focusing on our territory and region and engaging threats at a distance”


“what contribution the armed forces should make in ensuring security and contributing to resilience within the UK”.

I have no idea what the hell such a vague and all encompassing statement means but I do know that the possibility of troop deployment is a much more frightening prospect than the perceived threat it is supposed to be preventing.

However, it seems that the media are far more interested in publishing news of philandering sportsmen, than reporting on what would be an irreversible attack on our individual freedoms.

If we don’t wake up to reality soon, we could all be dozing into a permanent nightmare!

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