Twitter – Long May It Last!

No-one can doubt that Twitter has been an unqualified success story. It came from no-where to being one of the most mentioned – and used – websites on the internet.

Celebrities are not considered A-Listers unless they are known to be posting their (often vacant) thoughts, using less than 140 characters. Their popularity is judged by the number of followers they attract while their posts become ever more banal.

Even the ultra conservative and ever serious BBC ends several of its news reports, by giving out a Twitter address for its reporters.

Marketing experts, have wasted no time in tapping into the potential of the medium. They are able to instantly sort and target relevant groups of people, based on searched keywords associated with the on-going live conversational threads.

When I started Twittering I did not really get it. Within a week, though, I was happily Twittering away and posting pics from my mobile. I was addicted.

It has, today, even been blamed for spreading panic over the predicted pandemic from Swine Flu. That seems a bit unfair to us Twitterers, as we are only discussing what we are being told by the media – or are we?

Media ‘experts’ are now predicting the slow decline of Twitter and are claiming we will get bored and move on to something else.

Personally, I disagree and think its potential has not even begun to be realised, Third party developers are thinking up a multitude of new ways to hold our attention.

Whatever the end result may be, it is certainly a fun way, to go about talking to yourself. The day does not end unless I can post….”goodnight world!!”

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