UK Reaches The Summit!

In case you had not heard, London is now the capital of the world – well only for another day!

We have the honour – and expense – of hosting the G20 summit of world leaders.

To call it a ‘summit’ sounds very impressive; it is really just an excuse for the ‘club’ to meet and share food and drink while meeting the new US president for the first time, since his inauguration.

It is supposed to be about reaching common agreement over the present financial mess that has befallen the world, but as we already know, the only common agreement we are likely to witness is that everyone will be appearing in the official photo.

The summit itself is not going to be long enough to discuss anything more than who has tea and who has coffee. All the real negotiation will, of course, have been done by the back room staff.

Be that as it may, I feel a sense of pride that President Obama has decided make his attendance in London his first official overseas engagement. The rest of the world’s leaders must be green with envy.

Of course, there are the usual demonstrations by those who usually demonstrate and the press are having a field day comparing the president’s wife to the wife of our very own PM but we can only hope that when the summit has reached its conclusion tomorrow evening, we can all feel reassured that things will start to improve.

Somehow I doubt it, but then…..I am a cynic!!

More to follow…….!